InkInputProcessingConfiguration.Mode Property


Gets or sets how the InkPresenter object renders secondrary input from a pen barrel button, pen eraser tip, right mouse button, or similar on its associated InkCanvas control.

By default, this secondary input is processed as primary input and rendered as an InkStroke (see remarks).

 property InkInputProcessingMode Mode { InkInputProcessingMode get(); void set(InkInputProcessingMode value); };
InkInputProcessingMode Mode();

void Mode(InkInputProcessingMode value);
public InkInputProcessingMode Mode { get; set; }
var inkInputProcessingMode = inkInputProcessingConfiguration.mode;
inkInputProcessingConfiguration.mode = inkInputProcessingMode;
Public Property Mode As InkInputProcessingMode

Property Value

The input behavior.


To pass input as UnprocessedInput through to your app for custom processing, set RightDragAction to LeaveUnprocessed.

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