Edit Visual Studio subscription assignments

As a subscription admin, you can make changes to the subscriptions assigned to members of your organization. This article discusses the types of changes you can make and provides the necessary steps.


If you need to change certain subscription details for a subscriber assigned through a Microsoft Entra group, you will need to remove them from the group and add them into the Administration Portal individually. Changes to their email address, spelling of their name, etc should be made in the Microsoft Entra group. If you need to change subscription levels or download permissions, however, they will need to be removed from the group and added directly into the admin portal.

Change subscriber information

You can edit a subscriber’s information to correct errors or update information.

To edit a subscriber, select the ellipses (…) that appear next to the subscriber’s email address when you hover your mouse over it. Use the dropdown to select Edit to modify the subscriber’s details.

Select subscriber to edit

You can update the subscriber’s first name, last name, subscription level, email address, country/region, language, downloads and reference field. Edit the subscriber’s information, and select Save.

Edit multiple subscribers using bulk edit

You can edit multiple subscribers at once using the bulk edit process. This feature is primarily used for organizations that are going through corporate email address changes or if an organization has decided to restrict access to downloads.

Watch this video or read on to learn how to edit multiple subscribers using bulk edit.


Do not change subscription GUIDs in the template. Please see our article about assigning specific subscription GUIDs.

  1. To edit multiple subscribers at once, navigate to the Subscribers tab. In the ribbon at the top, select Bulk Edit.

  2. Bulk edit uses an Excel template to make edits to subscriber information. In the Bulk Edit box, select Export this excel to download the current list of subscribers including all of their information.

    Editing a License - Export Bulk Edits List

  3. Next, save the file locally so you can easily find it and make any necessary changes prior to uploading it.

  4. Return to the Visual Studio Subscriptions Administration portal and in the Bulk Edit dialog box, select Browse. Select the Excel file you saved and select OK. The upload progress appears.

    Editing a License - Bulk Edits File Upload

  5. After you’ve uploaded the file, you'll see a notification that it was successful. At this point, your edits are reflected in the subscriber information.


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