Search and filter subscribers in Visual Studio subscriptions

The Visual Studio Subscriptions Administration Portal allows you to find a specific subset of subscribers based on various criteria. You can filter the subscriber list by name, email address, or reference.

To filter the subscriber list

  1. To search for a specific group of subscribers, select in the Filter by name, email, or reference box located just below the menu on the "Manage subscribers" page.

    Select Filter to search a subscriber list

  2. Enter your search criteria. You'll notice that the list is updated dynamically as you type.
    Example: If you wanted to find all of the subscribers that use Outlook email addresses, you could type "@outlook" and the list would be limited to only those subscribers with addresses.


The search includes subscribers that are members of Azure Active Directory groups, so even though they're not displayed on your subscribers list unless you drill down into the group, they'll be listed individually in the search results.

  1. To clear the filter and restore the unfiltered list, select the X at the far right of the filter box.

    Clear the filter from the subscriber list

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