Remotely manage Windows 365 devices

You can remotely manage Cloud PCs in Intune just like any other managed device. For more information, see Remotely run device actions with Intune.

Cloud PCs support the following remote management actions:

Windows 365 Frontline Cloud PCs

Frontline Cloud PCs support remote actions like Enterprise Cloud PCs. One difference is that a Frontline Cloud PC power state can be on or off based on the end user. When a Frontline Cloud PC is on, remote actions are started immediately. If a Frontline Cloud PC is powered off, remote actions start as soon as the Cloud PC is powered on.

You can view the power state for Frontline Cloud PCs in the Intune portal, using the Cloud PC Creation blade under Devices.

You can remotely power on and off a Frontline Cloud PC. When you power on a Frontline Cloud PC, a license is automatically consumed. When you power off a Frontline Cloud PC, any user currently signed in will be signed off.

Next steps

Reprovision a Cloud PC.