This document describes console platform functionality that is no longer a part of our ecosystem roadmap. We do not recommend using this content in new products, but we will continue to support existing usages for the indefinite future. Our preferred modern solution focuses on virtual terminal sequences for maximum compatibility in cross-platform scenarios. You can find more information about this design decision in our classic console vs. virtual terminal document.

Describes a mouse input event in a console INPUT_RECORD structure.


typedef struct _MOUSE_EVENT_RECORD {
  COORD dwMousePosition;
  DWORD dwButtonState;
  DWORD dwControlKeyState;
  DWORD dwEventFlags;


A COORD structure that contains the location of the cursor, in terms of the console screen buffer's character-cell coordinates.

The status of the mouse buttons. The least significant bit corresponds to the leftmost mouse button. The next least significant bit corresponds to the rightmost mouse button. The next bit indicates the next-to-leftmost mouse button. The bits then correspond left to right to the mouse buttons. A bit is 1 if the button was pressed.

The following constants are defined for the first five mouse buttons.

Value Meaning
FROM_LEFT_1ST_BUTTON_PRESSED 0x0001 The leftmost mouse button.
FROM_LEFT_2ND_BUTTON_PRESSED 0x0004 The second button fom the left.
FROM_LEFT_3RD_BUTTON_PRESSED 0x0008 The third button from the left.
FROM_LEFT_4TH_BUTTON_PRESSED 0x0010 The fourth button from the left.
RIGHTMOST_BUTTON_PRESSED 0x0002 The rightmost mouse button.

The state of the control keys. This member can be one or more of the following values.

Value Meaning
CAPSLOCK_ON 0x0080 The CAPS LOCK light is on.
ENHANCED_KEY 0x0100 The key is enhanced. See remarks.
LEFT_ALT_PRESSED 0x0002 The left ALT key is pressed.
LEFT_CTRL_PRESSED 0x0008 The left CTRL key is pressed.
NUMLOCK_ON 0x0020 The NUM LOCK light is on.
RIGHT_ALT_PRESSED 0x0001 The right ALT key is pressed.
RIGHT_CTRL_PRESSED 0x0004 The right CTRL key is pressed.
SCROLLLOCK_ON 0x0040 The SCROLL LOCK light is on.
SHIFT_PRESSED 0x0010 The SHIFT key is pressed.

The type of mouse event. If this value is zero, it indicates a mouse button being pressed or released. Otherwise, this member is one of the following values.

Value Meaning
DOUBLE_CLICK 0x0002 The second click (button press) of a double-click occurred. The first click is returned as a regular button-press event.
MOUSE_HWHEELED 0x0008 The horizontal mouse wheel was moved.

If the high word of the dwButtonState member contains a positive value, the wheel was rotated to the right. Otherwise, the wheel was rotated to the left.
MOUSE_MOVED 0x0001 A change in mouse position occurred.
MOUSE_WHEELED 0x0004 The vertical mouse wheel was moved.

If the high word of the dwButtonState member contains a positive value, the wheel was rotated forward, away from the user. Otherwise, the wheel was rotated backward, toward the user.


Mouse events are placed in the input buffer when the console is in mouse mode (ENABLE_MOUSE_INPUT).

Mouse events are generated whenever the user moves the mouse, or presses or releases one of the mouse buttons. Mouse events are placed in a console's input buffer only when the console group has the keyboard focus and the cursor is within the borders of the console's window.


For an example, see Reading Input Buffer Events.


Minimum supported client Windows 2000 Professional [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server Windows 2000 Server [desktop apps only]
Header WinConTypes.h (via WinCon.h, include Windows.h)

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