Windows and cloud security

Today's workforce has more freedom and mobility than ever before. With the growth of enterprise cloud adoption, increased personal app usage, and increased use of third-party apps, the risk of data exposure is at its highest. Enabling Zero-Trust protection, Windows 11 works with Microsoft cloud services. Windows and cloud services together help organizations strengthen their multi-cloud security infrastructure, protect hybrid cloud workloads, and safeguard sensitive information while controlling access and mitigating threats.

Windows 11 includes the cloud services that are listed in the following table:

Service type Description
Mobile device management (MDM) and Microsoft Intune Windows 11 supports MDM, an enterprise management solution to help you manage your organization's security policies and business applications. MDM enables your security team to manage devices without compromising people's privacy on their personal devices.

Non-Microsoft servers can be used to manage Windows 11 by using industry standard protocols.

To learn more, see Mobile device management.
Microsoft account When users add their Microsoft account to Windows 11, they can bring their Windows, Microsoft Edge, Xbox settings, web page favorites, files, photos, and more across their devices.

The Microsoft account enables people to manage everything in one place. They can keep tabs on their subscriptions and order history, organize their family's digital life, update their privacy and security settings, track the health and safety of their devices, and even get rewards.

To learn more, see Microsoft Accounts.
OneDrive OneDrive is your online storage for your files, photos, and data. OneDrive provides extra security, backup, and restore options for important files and photos. With options for both personal and business, people can use OneDrive to store and protect files in the cloud, allowing users to them on their laptops, desktops, and mobile devices. If a device is lost or stolen, people can quickly recover all their important files, photos, and data.

The OneDrive Personal Vault also provides protection for your most sensitive files without losing the convenience of anywhere access. Files are secured by identity verification, yet easily accessible to users across their devices. Learn how to set up your Personal Vault.

If there's a ransomware attack, OneDrive can enable recovery. And if you’ve configured backups in OneDrive, you have more options to mitigate and recover from a ransomware attack. Learn more about how to recover from a ransomware attack using Office 365.
Access to Azure Active Directory Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is a complete cloud identity and access management solution for managing identities and directories, enabling access to applications, and protecting identities from security threats.

With Azure AD, you can manage and secure identities for your employees, partners, and customers to access the applications and services they need. Windows 11 works seamlessly with Azure Active Directory to provide secure access, identity management, and single sign-on to apps and services from anywhere.

To learn more, see What is Azure AD?

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