ID3DX11EffectVariable interface

The ID3DX11EffectVariable interface is the base class for all effect variables.

The lifetime of an ID3DX11EffectVariable object is equal to the lifetime of its parent ID3DX11Effect object.


The ID3DX11EffectVariable interface has these methods.

Method Description
AsBlend Get a effect-blend variable.
AsClassInstance Get a class-instance variable.
AsConstantBuffer Get a constant buffer.
AsDepthStencil Get a depth-stencil variable.
AsDepthStencilView Get a depth-stencil-view variable.
AsInterface Get an interface variable.
AsMatrix Get a matrix variable.
AsRasterizer Get a rasterizer variable.
AsRenderTargetView Get a render-target-view variable.
AsSampler Get a sampler variable.
AsScalar Get a scalar variable.
AsShader Get a shader variable.
AsShaderResource Get a shader-resource variable.
AsString Get a string variable.
AsUnorderedAccessView Get an unordered-access-view variable.
AsVector Get a vector variable.
GetAnnotationByIndex Get an annotation by index.
GetAnnotationByName Get an annotation by name.
GetDesc Get a description.
GetElement Get an array element.
GetMemberByIndex Get a structure member by index.
GetMemberByName Get a structure member by name.
GetMemberBySemantic Get a structure member by semantic.
GetParentConstantBuffer Get a constant buffer.
GetRawValue Get data.
GetType Get type information.
IsValid Compare the data type with the data stored.
SetRawValue Set data.



The DirectX SDK does not supply any compiled binaries for effects. You must use Effects 11 source to build your effects-type application. For more information about using Effects 11 source, see Differences Between Effects 10 and Effects 11.


Requirement Value
N/A (An Effects 11 library is available online as shared source.)

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