Vertex Shader Differences

Instruction Slots

Each version supports a differing number of maximum instruction slots.

Version Maximum number of instruction slots
vs_1_1 128
vs_2_0 256
vs_2_x 256
vs_3_0 512 minimum, and up to the number of slots in D3DCAPS9.MaxVertexShader30InstructionSlots. See D3DCAPS9.


For information about the limitations of software shaders, see Software Shaders.

Flow Control Nesting Limits

vs_1_1 Features

New instructions:

See Instructions - vs_1_1.

New registers:

See Registers - vs_1_1.

vs_2_0 Features

New features:

  • Static flow control
  • All four components of the Address Register (a0) are available.

New instructions:

New registers:

vs_2_x Features

New features (D3DCAPS9.VS20Caps):

  • Dynamic flow control
  • Nesting for dynamic and static flow control instructions
  • Number of Temporary Registers (r#) increased
  • Predication

New Instructions:

New registers:

vs_3_0 Features

New features :

New instructions:

New registers:

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