Video Media Types

This section describes how to create and manipulate media types that describe video data.

Topic Description
Video Subtype GUIDs Contains a list of video subtype GUIDs.
Uncompressed Video Media Types How to create a media type that describes an uncompressed video format.
About YUV Video Explains the general concepts of YUV video.
Video Interlacing How Media Foundation handles interlaced video.
Image Stride How to take stride into account correctly when processing a video image.
Picture Aspect Ratio How to calculate the picture aspect ratio from a video media type.
Extended Color Information How to describe the color space in a video media type.
Recommended 8-Bit YUV Formats for Video Rendering Describes the 8-bit YUV color formats that are recommended for video rendering.
10-bit and 16-bit YUV Video Formats Describes the recommended 10- and 16-bit YUV formats.
Video FOURCCs Describes how video FOURCC codes are constructed.


Media Type Attributes

Media Types