GroupBox Control

The GroupBox control displays a rectangle, possibly with caption text, that serves to group other controls together on the dialog box.

Control Attributes

You can use the following attributes with the GroupBox control. To change the value of an attribute using an event, subscribe the control to a ControlEvent in the EventMapping table and list the attribute's identifier in the Attribute column. Enter the identifier of the ControlEvent in the Event column.

Attribute identifier Hexadecimal bit Description
Position   Position of control in the dialog box. Enter the control's width, height, and coordinates of the control's left corner into the Width, Height, X, and Y columns of the Control table or BBControl table. Use installer units for length and distance.
Text Displays a caption in the upper left corner of the control. To set the font and font style of a text string, prefix the string of displayed characters with {\style} or {&style}. Where style is an identifier listed in the TextStyle column of the TextStyle table. If neither of these are present, but the DefaultUIFont property is defined as a valid text style, that font will be used.
Visible 0x00000000 0x00000001
Hidden control. Visible control.
Include this bit in the bit word of the Attributes column in the Control table or BBControl table to make the control visible or hidden upon its creation.
You can also hide or show a control by using the ControlCondition table.
Sunken 0x00000000 0x00000004
Displays the default visual style. Displays the control with a sunken, 3-D look.
Include these bits in the bit word in the Attributes column of the Control table.
RTLRO 0x00000000 0x00000020
Text in the control is displayed in left-to-right reading order. Text in the control is displayed in right-to-left reading order.
RightAligned 0x00000000 0x00000040
Text in the control is aligned to the left. Text in the control is aligned to the right.



This control can be created from the BUTTON class by using the CreateWindowEx function. It has the BS_GROUPBOX, WS_CHILD, and WS_GROUP styles.

There is always a gap between the top of the control's window and the visible frame, even when there is no caption.