Creatives screen

The Creatives screen is where a bidder can see their creatives, and search for the creative they would like to investigate further. For additional details on the creative, bidders can use the Creative Service.

Creatives screen access

  1. Sign in to the Bidders UI:
  2. Select the bidder.
  3. Click Switch to Default User. The Profiles screen is accessed.
  4. Click on the Creatives tab to access the Creatives screen. (It is located to the right of the Profiles tab).

A table is displayed that lists all of the creatives for a bidder, and their associated attributes/metadata:

Attribute Description
Ad Type This is the type of creative. These are the possible ad types:
- Banner
- Video
- Audio
- Native
Audit Feedback This is specific audit feedback. This remains blank unless the creative is rejected in audit.
Audit Status This is the status of the audit being performed on the creative. These are the possible statuses:
- Audited = Approved by creative audit process. Ready to be used in auction.
- Pending = Under review by audit process.
- Rejected = Not approved by creative audit process. Check audit feedback column for further details.
- No Audit = Creative not submitted for audit because allow_audit flag of creative object was set to "false".
Code This is the creative code, which is typically set to the external ID for the bidder. This is the ID of the creative in the bidder’s system.
Description This is an optional description for the creative, which is configured by the bidder.
ID This is the Creative ID assigned by Xandr systems. To preview the creative, click on the magnifying glass next to the ID value.
Last Modified This is when the creative was last modified by the bidder.
Member This is the name of the member that the creative registered under.
Note: Bidders frequently have multiple members.
SSL Status This refers to the status of the Secure Sockets Layer. It is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral. These are the possible statuses:
- Approved
- Pending
- Failed/Disabled
State This identifies if the creative is Active or Inactive.


You can navigate through the pages by clicking the arrow (Page>) which is located on the lower right-hand section of the screen.

For performance reasons, we do not attempt to calculate the total number of creatives/pages that individual bidders have.