This allows you to configure which columns the table displays.

  • Click Columns to access the Creative Columns screen.
  • There are checkboxes next to each of the attributes. You can add columns by checking their associated checkboxes, and remove them by un-checking them.
  • Select and/or deselect columns, and click Select Columns.
  • You will receive the same data, for the same filters that were previously set. You will just see a limited number of columns, based on your selections.
  • Click Cancel to cancel your selections.


By default, all of the creative attributes listed below (but two) are checked. (Is Suspicious and Is Prohibited are not checked).

This is a list of the available columns:

Column Description
Ad Type This is the type of creative. These are the possible ad types:
- Banner
- Video
- Audio
- Native
(This is checked by default).
Audit Feedback This is specific audit feedback. This remains blank until the creative is rejected. (This is checked by default).
Audit Status This is the status of the audit being performed on the creative. These are the possible statuses:
- Audited
- Pending
- Rejected
- No Audit
(This is checked by default).
Code This is the creative code, which is typically set to the external ID for the bidder. This is the ID of the creative in the bidder’s system. (This is checked by default).
Description This is an optional description for the creative, which is configured by the bidder. (This is checked by default).
ID This is the Creative ID assigned by Xandr systems. (This is checked by default).
Is Prohibited Is Prohibited shows creatives that are not allowed in the system. (This is not checked by default).
Is Suspicious Is Suspicious shows creatives that are suspect of not meeting quality standards. (This is not checked by default).
Last Modified This is when the creative was last modified by the bidder. (This is checked by default).
Member This is the name of the member that the creative registered under. (This is checked by default).
Note: Bidders frequently have multiple members.
SSL Status This refers to the status of the Secure Sockets Layer. It is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral. These are the possible statuses:
- Approved
- Pending
- Failed/Disabled
(This is checked by default).
State This identifies if the creative is Active or Inactive. (This is checked by default).