Integrate apps with PSP

Prebid Server Premium (PSP) supports three options for SSP customers to integrate app inventory:

Microsoft Monetize Ad Server customers do not need to change their current integration into Microsoft Advertising and can instead follow the steps mentioned in Integrate with PSP.

Prebid mobile SDK


For SSP customers using a mobile app integrated with the Prebid Mobile SDK, Microsoft Advertising sends all bids when the app calls the /openrtb2/prebid endpoint, regardless of their ad server line item setup, which may be consolidated (top bid) or bidder-specific (all bids). Microsoft Advertising's Prebid bid response includes Prebid key-values (bidder, price, deal, etc.) for Microsoft Advertising SSP and each SSP demand partner that submitted a valid bid into the PSP auction along with the standard top bid key-values.


To set up Prebid Mobile SDK with PSP:

  1. Implement Prebid Mobile SDK.

  2. In the host section of global settings, update the host URL to the /openrtb2/prebid endpoint as shown below:

    Host custom = Host.CUSTOM;
  3. While setting up your Prebid Server Account, use your member id as the account id as shown below:

    PrebidMobile.setPrebidServerAccountId("Your member id");
  4. While setting up the AdUnits, replace config id with the placement id. For example, for Banner, Native, and Video Ad Units:

    BannerAdUnit adUnit = new BannerAdUnit("Your placement id", size.first, size.second);
    NativeAdUnit nativeAdUnit = new NativeAdUnit("Your placement id");
    VideoAdUnit adUnit = new VideoAdUnit("Your placement id", 640, 480, VideoAdUnit.PlacementType.IN_BANNER);