Integrate with PSP

Integrating publisher inventory with Prebid Server Premium (PSP) begins with a connection to the publisher's ad server. If a customer uses the Microsoft Monetize Ad Server as their ad server, they are classified as a Microsoft Monetize Ad Server publisher. If a customer is on an external ad server, such as Google Ad Manager, they are considered a direct supply or SSP publisher. See below for guidance for each type of customer.

Microsoft Monetize ad server customer integration

Monetize Ad Server customers can maintain their current integration type from page/app/server to Microsoft Advertising, then follow the guidance on the pages below:

  1. Add or Edit PSP Global Settings.
  2. Add or Edit a Demand Partner.
  3. Add, Edit, or Delete a PSP Configuration.

There is an exception for accelerated mobile pages (AMP) inventory. Microsoft Monetize Ad Server Customers must follow the instructions mentioned in the Integrate Accelerated Mobile Pages with PSP page to integrate their AMP inventory with PSP.

Direct Supply (SSP) customer integration

SSP customers can integrate with Microsoft Advertising, and in turn, PSP, across the following types of inventory: