Monetize insights for publishers

Monetize Insights delivers actionable data for publishers directly within the Microsoft Monetize UI. It helps publishers to save time by removing the need to configure reporting dashboards or rely on in-depth reporting to access high level inventory information.

Demand channels

These are clickable navigation tiles. It shows revenue for the last 7 days as compared to 7 days prior to it:

  • Overall Revenue
  • Deals
  • Open Exchange
  • Curation

Specific insights for the channel

Selecting a channel in Demand Channels will show the insights for that specific demand in the navigation tiles.

Global filters

Filter applies to everything on the screen. It filters by Publisher, Placement group and Media type. It saves your selection and next time when you open the page, it shows last selected options. To undo your selection, click clear all.

Global settings

Global Settings has two fields under it:

  • Currency
  • Date

The date has been fixed to 7 days view and 7 days prior to that.


Currently, these settings are under development and are unselectable.

Ad quality

Ad Quality shows revenue-impacting blocks to help in identifying and evaluating opportunities to adjust ad quality settings. Ad Quality contains controls for brand safety, technical attributes and other parameters that can act to block a bid in the auction.


As an organization, we recommend you to regularly view your Ad Quality settings (at least quarterly) to make sure that are appropriate and consistent with settings configured in the other SSPs (that you may also be using to monetize inventory). Generally, the blocked bid value overestimates potential revenue impact and is influenced by the price and frequency of the bids that have been blocked.

The value displayed on Ad Quality tab is the sum of all blocked bid prices. For example, a $5.8m of blocked bid value in last 7 days, up 11% compared to prior week shows that bids with that value have been blocked. This can be used to directionally assess magnitude of potential revenue opportunities. The 11% increase could be seen as significant and warrant further investigation by using the Ad Quality tab to understand if a specific bid rejection is causing this increase.

For more information on Ad Quality, go to Ad Quality.


Deals tab specifies the most significant bid rejections by a deal. This tab helps to:

  • Sort by total bid value, absolute and percentage changes easily.
  • Show the inventory the blocks are occurring on, and the overall rejection history.

For more information on Deals, go Deals to.

Demand issues

Demand Issues tab contains bid rejections that are generally caused by buyer behavior. This tab helps to:

  • Show issues for a buyer on specific publishers.
  • Include issue resolution help, time-series chart, and creative preview.

For more information on Demand Issues, go to Demand Issues.

Floor rules

Floor Rules tab displays blocks created due to your Yield Management settings. This tab helps to:

  • Display the value of bids being blocked by each floor along with the change between the current and comparison period.
  • See the trends for blocks and how specific buyers are impacted.

For more information on Floor Rules, go to Floor Rule.