Working with targeting lists


Targeting lists are only available to Standard Line Items. For an overview of which targeting options are available to Standard versus Augmented Line items, see Buy-Side Targeting.

Targeting lists are used to place domains or apps with similar characteristics in groups so that you can easily include or exclude them from campaign targeting without having to review each domain or app individually. They're generally used as allowlists or blocklists. Allowlists contain domains or apps that you want to include in your campaign targeting, and blocklists contain domains or apps that you want to exclude.

The pages in this section explain how to create and manage targeting lists at the network level. For details about including or excluding targeting lists from a campaign, see Domain Targeting and App Targeting.


Domain targeting applies only to Web and Mobile Web impressions and does not apply to Mobile App impressions. If you have allowed your campaign to serve on mobile apps while targeting a domain list, the campaign will be unrestricted when buying mobile app inventory unless you have also applied App List targeting. To avoid serving on mobile app inventory, switch the Apps Placements toggle in your campaign's targeting profile to OFF.