Keyboard Shortcuts in Visual Studio Code

The following table provides an overview of some of the shortcut key combinations that you can use when you are working in Visual Studio Code. For a complete overview, see Key Bindings for Visual Studio Code.

General in Visual Studio Code

Keyboard Shortcut Action
Ctrl+Shift+P Show All Commands
Alt+F6 Download source code
Alt+A Alt+L AL Go! Generates a HelloWorld project
Ctrl+Shift+B Compile and Package
F5 Compile, Package, and Publish
Ctrl+F5 Build and publish without debugging. Note: The keyboard shortcut has a different meaning when debugging.
F6 Publish and open Designer
Ctrl+F2 Update the compiler used by the service tier(s)

Editing in Visual Studio Code

Keyboard Shortcut Action
Ctrl+Space Look up suggestions for the current object
Ctrl+X Cut
Ctrl+C Copy
Ctrl+V Paste
Ctrl+F2 Select all occurrences
F12 Go to definition
Alt+F12 Peek definition
Shift+F12 Show references
Ctrl+Shift+Space Look up parameter hints
Ctrl+K Ctrl+C Add line comment
Ctrl+K Ctrl+U Remove line comment
Ctrl+Shift+P Show all commands
F2 Rename (use Enter to rename, use Shift+Enter to preview)
Shift+Alt+E Look up events and insert event subscriber in code for a selected event.

Errors in Visual Studio Code

Keyboard Shortcut Action
F8 Move to the next error or warning
Shift+F8 Move to the previous error or warning

Compile and publish in Visual Studio Code

Keyboard Shortcut Action
Ctrl+Shift+B Compile and build the solution
Ctrl+F5 Build and deploy
Shift+Alt+W Publish full dependency tree for the active project

Debugging in Visual Studio Code

For topics on debugging in AL, see Debugging and Snapshot Debugging.

Keyboard Shortcut Action
F5 Start debugging session
Ctrl+F5 Publish without building. Note: The keyboard shortcut has a different meaning when not debugging.
Ctrl+Alt+F5 Start RAD publishing without debugging
Alt+F5 Start RAD with debugging
F7 Start a snapshot debugging session
Shift+F7 List all available snapshots
Alt+F7 Finish a snapshot debugging session

Profiling in Visual Studio Code

For more information about profiling, see AL Profiler Overview

Keyboard Shortcut Action
Enter+Toggle Expand and collapse a node.
Arrow+Left Collapse a node.
Arrow+Right Expand a node.
- (minus) Collapse all nodes.
* (star) Expand one level for all nodes. Consecutive keystrokes will expand to the next level.

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