BrotliEncoder Struct


Provides methods and static methods to encode and decode data in a streamless, non-allocating, and performant manner using the Brotli data format specification.

public value class BrotliEncoder : IDisposable
public struct BrotliEncoder : IDisposable
type BrotliEncoder = struct
    interface IDisposable
Public Structure BrotliEncoder
Implements IDisposable


BrotliEncoder(Int32, Int32)

Initializes a new instance of the BrotliEncoder structure using the specified quality and window.


Compress(ReadOnlySpan<Byte>, Span<Byte>, Int32, Int32, Boolean)

Compresses a read-only byte span into a destination span.


Frees and disposes unmanaged resources.

Flush(Span<Byte>, Int32)

Compresses an empty read-only span of bytes into its destination, which ensures that output is produced for all the processed input. An actual flush is performed when the source is depleted and there is enough space in the destination for the remaining data.


Gets the maximum expected compressed length for the provided input size.

TryCompress(ReadOnlySpan<Byte>, Span<Byte>, Int32)

Tries to compress a source byte span into a destination span.

TryCompress(ReadOnlySpan<Byte>, Span<Byte>, Int32, Int32, Int32)

Tries to compress a source byte span into a destination byte span, using the provided compression quality leven and encoder window bits.

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