Complete Microsoft 365 Certification

Completing The Microsoft 365 Certification requires completing both phases of the certification: Attestation and Certification.

Certification Process


  1. Take part—Both phases of Microsoft 365 Certification are now integrated within Partner Center. You can complete the attestation in a user friendly questionnaire all within Partner Center. Refer to our Office Store and Commercial Marketplace user guides for the step-by-step process.

  2. View the online portal — Once your attestation has been approved, your app will be listed in the online repository and will include the following:

    • A submission timestamp.
    • Links to a detailed copy of your submitted information.
    • A declaration that the information provided is based on your submitted attestation report.
    • For example, See Microsoft Teams App Security and Compliance


  1. Complete Preparations - Carefully read through the Microsoft 365 Certification Submission Guide to understand what will be required of you. Ensure that you'll be able to fulfill the control requirements specified in the Microsoft 365 Certification Submission Guide.

  2. Start Certification - Within partner center select “Start Certification”. This will bring you to your initial document submission portal. Submit your Initial Document Submission. This will help us determine what is in-scope for your assessment based on how your app is architected and handles customer data. Check this page frequently to see if your submission has been accepted.


    Try the App Compliance Automation Tool for Microsoft 365 (ACAT) to achieve an accelerated path to achieve Microsoft 365 certification by automating the evidence collection and control validation. ACAT is in public preview and supports the application built on Azure right now. In future, it will also support applications built on other clouds or mix of different clouds.

  3. Submit Evidence - Once your initial document submission has been accepted the set of security controls required for your app will be automatically displayed in the portal. You'll then be required to submit evidence for each control demonstrating that the control is in place. Keep in mind you'll be given 60 days to submit all evidence. An analyst will review your evidence and either approve the control or request new or additional evidence. Check this page frequently to see if your evidence has been accepted.


    Take a look at the Sample Evidence Guide for concrete examples of the evidence required.

  4. Get Certified - Once your submission has been validated by an analyst you'll be notified of your certification decision. Apps awarded a certification will receive a badge on their application within Marketplaces (Teams, Office, AppSource), and Admin portals (Teams, M365), and Microsoft docs pages. You can read about the full benefits of certification here.

Review and Recertification

If your application undergoes Significant changes at any point you'll be required to notify us.

You'll also be required to go through recertification on an annual basis. This will require the revalidation of the in-scope controls against your current environment. This process can begin up to 90 days before the expiration of your certification. Your existing certification won't expire during the recertification period. Recertification across all programs expires on the one-year anniversary of your Microsoft 365 Certification.

If your certification isn't renewed before the expiration date, your apps certification status will be revoked. All badging, icons, and associated certification branding will be removed from your app, and you'll be prohibited from advertising your app as Microsoft 365 Certified.


By participating in the Microsoft 365 Certification program, you are agreeing to these supplemental terms and to comply with any accompanying documentation that applies to your participation in the Microsoft 365 Certification program with Microsoft Corporation ("Microsoft", "we", "us", or "our"). You represent and warrant to us that you have the authority to accept these Microsoft 365 Certification supplemental terms on behalf of yourself, a company, and/or other entity, as applicable. We may change, amend or terminate these supplemental terms at any time. Your continued participation in the Microsoft 365 Certification program after any change or amendment means you agree to the new supplemental terms. If you do not agree to the new supplemental terms or if we terminate these supplemental terms, you must stop participating in the Microsoft 365 Certification program. All evidence including but not limited to documents, screenshots and images will be retained in a secure repository for 18 months from the time of submission as proof of audit. After 18 months all evidence will be erased

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