Shaping the data provided from the data source is an important way to improve the usability and performance of your app.  Many apps do not need users to view all the rows in a data source.  In this module, you learned how to shape the data using filters and operators. You also learned about the Search function and functions that only modify table columns in Power Apps. These items are important to remember:

  • Use the Filter function to return only the data that matches the criteria defined in the formula.

  • Use And, Or, and other operators to create more complex filters.

  • The Search function allows you to use a query against a string column and return only rows that match the string.  The string can be found anywhere within the column.

  • AddColumns, DropColumns, RenameColumns, ShowColumns functions allow you to modify the columns of a table only within Power Apps.  The original data source columns will not be modified.

In the next module, you'll focus on how to work with forms and write data by using the Submit function.