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activitypointer EntityType

Task performed, or to be performed, by a user. An activity is any action for which an entry can be made on a calendar.

Entity Set Path
[organization URI]/api/data/v9.2/activitypointers
Base Type
Display Name
Primary Key
Primary Key Attribute
Operations Supported


Properties represent fields of data stored in the entity.Some properties are read-only.

Name Type Details
activityadditionalparams Edm.String

Additional information provided by the external application as JSON. For internal use only.

Display Name: Activity Additional Parameters

activityid Edm.Guid

Unique identifier of the activity.

Display Name: Activity

activitytypecode Edm.String

Type of activity.

Display Name: Activity Type

Read Only
actualdurationminutes Edm.Int32

Actual duration of the activity in minutes.

Display Name: Actual Duration

actualend Edm.DateTimeOffset

Actual end time of the activity.

Display Name: Actual End

actualstart Edm.DateTimeOffset

Actual start time of the activity.

Display Name: Actual Start

community Edm.Int32

Shows how contact about the social activity originated, such as from Twitter or Facebook. This field is read-only.

Display Name: Social Channel

Default Options
Values Label
1 Facebook
2 Twitter
0 Other
createdon Edm.DateTimeOffset

Date and time when the activity was created.

Display Name: Date Created

Read Only
deliverylastattemptedon Edm.DateTimeOffset

Date and time when the delivery of the activity was last attempted.

Display Name: Date Delivery Last Attempted

Read Only
deliveryprioritycode Edm.Int32

Priority of delivery of the activity to the email server.

Display Name: Delivery Priority

Default Options
Values Label
0 Low
1 Normal
2 High
description Edm.String

Description of the activity.

Display Name: Description

descriptionblobid Edm.Binary

File that contains description content.

Display Name: Description File Id

Read Only
descriptionblobid_name Edm.String
Read Only
exchangeitemid Edm.String

The message id of activity which is returned from Exchange Server.

Display Name: Exchange Item ID

exchangerate Edm.Decimal

Exchange rate for the currency associated with the activitypointer with respect to the base currency.

Display Name: Exchange Rate

Read Only
exchangeweblink Edm.String

Shows the web link of Activity of type email.

Display Name: Exchange WebLink

formattedscheduledend Edm.DateTimeOffset

Formatted scheduled end time of the activity.

Display Name: Formatted End Date

Read Only
formattedscheduledstart Edm.DateTimeOffset

Formatted scheduled start time of the activity.

Display Name: Formatted Start Date

Read Only
instancetypecode Edm.Int32

Type of instance of a recurring series.

Display Name: Recurring Instance Type

Read Only
Default Options
Values Label
0 Not Recurring
1 Recurring Master
2 Recurring Instance
3 Recurring Exception
4 Recurring Future Exception
isbilled Edm.Boolean

Information regarding whether the activity was billed as part of resolving a case.

Display Name: Is Billed

Default Options
Values Label
1 Yes
0 No
ismapiprivate Edm.Boolean

For internal use only.

Display Name: Is Private

Default Options
Values Label
1 Yes
0 No
isregularactivity Edm.Boolean

Information regarding whether the activity is a regular activity type or event type.

Display Name: Is Regular Activity

Read Only
Default Options
Values Label
1 Yes
0 No
isworkflowcreated Edm.Boolean

Information regarding whether the activity was created from a workflow rule.

Display Name: Is Workflow Created

Default Options
Values Label
1 Yes
0 No
lastonholdtime Edm.DateTimeOffset

Contains the date and time stamp of the last on hold time.

Display Name: Last On Hold Time

leftvoicemail Edm.Boolean

Left the voice mail

Display Name: Left Voice Mail

Default Options
Values Label
1 Yes
0 No
modifiedon Edm.DateTimeOffset

Date and time when activity was last modified.

Display Name: Last Updated

Read Only
onholdtime Edm.Int32

Shows how long, in minutes, that the record was on hold.

Display Name: On Hold Time (Minutes)

Read Only
postponeactivityprocessinguntil Edm.DateTimeOffset

For internal use only.

Display Name: Delay activity processing until

Read Only
prioritycode Edm.Int32

Priority of the activity.

Display Name: Priority

Default Options
Values Label
0 Low
1 Normal
2 High
processid Edm.Guid

Unique identifier of the Process.

Display Name: Process

scheduleddurationminutes Edm.Int32

Scheduled duration of the activity, specified in minutes.

Display Name: Scheduled Duration

scheduledend Edm.DateTimeOffset

Scheduled end time of the activity.

Display Name: Due Date

scheduledstart Edm.DateTimeOffset

Scheduled start time of the activity.

Display Name: Start Date

senton Edm.DateTimeOffset

Date and time when the activity was sent.

Display Name: Date Sent

Read Only
seriesid Edm.Guid

Uniqueidentifier specifying the id of recurring series of an instance.

Display Name: Series Id

Read Only
sortdate Edm.DateTimeOffset

Shows the date and time by which the activities are sorted.

Display Name: Sort Date

stageid Edm.Guid

Unique identifier of the Stage.

Display Name: (Deprecated) Process Stage

statecode Edm.Int32

Status of the activity.

Display Name: Activity Status

Default Options
Values Label
0 Open
1 Completed
2 Canceled
3 Scheduled
statuscode Edm.Int32

Reason for the status of the activity.

Display Name: Status Reason

Default Options
Values Label
1 Open
2 Completed
3 Canceled
4 Scheduled
subject Edm.String

Subject associated with the activity.

Display Name: Subject

timezoneruleversionnumber Edm.Int32

For internal use only.

Display Name: Time Zone Rule Version Number

traversedpath Edm.String

For internal use only.

Display Name: (Deprecated) Traversed Path

utcconversiontimezonecode Edm.Int32

Time zone code that was in use when the record was created.

Display Name: UTC Conversion Time Zone Code

versionnumber Edm.Int64

Version number of the activity.

Display Name: Version Number

Read Only

Derived Types

The following entity types inherit from the crmbaseentity entity type.

Name Description
adx_inviteredemption Holds information about the redemption of an invite.
adx_portalcomment An activity which is used to share information between the user and the customer on the portal.
appointment Commitment representing a time interval with start/end times and duration.
chat For internal use only. Entity which stores association data of Dynamics 365 records with Microsoft Teams chat
email Activity that is delivered using email protocols.
fax Activity that tracks call outcome and number of pages for a fax and optionally stores an electronic copy of the document.
letter Activity that tracks the delivery of a letter. The activity can contain the electronic copy of the letter.
phonecall Activity to track a telephone call.
recurringappointmentmaster The Master appointment of a recurring appointment series.
socialactivity For internal use only.
task Generic activity representing work needed to be done.

Lookup Properties

Lookup properties are read-only, computed properties which contain entity primary key Edm.Guid data for one or more corresponding single-valued navigation properties. More information: Lookup properties and Lookup property data.

Name Single-valued navigation property Description
_createdby_value createdby

Unique identifier of the user who created the activity.

_createdonbehalfby_value createdonbehalfby

Unique identifier of the delegate user who created the activitypointer.

_modifiedby_value modifiedby

Unique identifier of user who last modified the activity.

_modifiedonbehalfby_value modifiedonbehalfby

Unique identifier of the delegate user who last modified the activitypointer.

_ownerid_value ownerid

Unique identifier of the user or team who owns the activity.

_owningbusinessunit_value owningbusinessunit

Unique identifier of the business unit that owns the activity.

_owningteam_value owningteam

Unique identifier of the team that owns the activity.

_owninguser_value owninguser

Unique identifier of the user that owns the activity.

_regardingobjectid_value regardingobjectid_account

Unique identifier of the object with which the activity is associated.

_sendermailboxid_value sendermailboxid

Unique identifier of the mailbox associated with the sender of the email message.

_slaid_value sla_activitypointer_sla

Choose the service level agreement (SLA) that you want to apply to the case record.

_slainvokedid_value slainvokedid_activitypointer_sla

Last SLA that was applied to this case. This field is for internal use only.

_transactioncurrencyid_value transactioncurrencyid

Unique identifier of the currency associated with the activitypointer.

Single-valued navigation properties

Single-valued navigation properties represent lookup fields where a single entity can be referenced. Each single-valued navigation property has a corresponding partner collection-valued navigation property on the related entity.

Name Type Partner
createdby systemuser lk_activitypointer_createdby
createdonbehalfby systemuser lk_activitypointer_createdonbehalfby
modifiedby systemuser lk_activitypointer_modifiedby
modifiedonbehalfby systemuser lk_activitypointer_modifiedonbehalfby
ownerid principal owner_activitypointers
owningbusinessunit businessunit business_unit_activitypointer
owningteam team team_activity
owninguser systemuser user_activity
regardingobjectid_account account Account_ActivityPointers
regardingobjectid_adx_invitation adx_invitation adx_invitation_ActivityPointers
regardingobjectid_contact contact Contact_ActivityPointers
regardingobjectid_knowledgearticle knowledgearticle KnowledgeArticle_ActivityPointers
regardingobjectid_knowledgebaserecord knowledgebaserecord KnowledgeBaseRecord_ActivityPointers
regardingobjectid_mspp_adplacement mspp_adplacement mspp_adplacement_ActivityPointers
regardingobjectid_mspp_pollplacement mspp_pollplacement mspp_pollplacement_ActivityPointers
regardingobjectid_mspp_publishingstatetransitionrule mspp_publishingstatetransitionrule mspp_publishingstatetransitionrule_ActivityPointers
regardingobjectid_mspp_redirect mspp_redirect mspp_redirect_ActivityPointers
regardingobjectid_mspp_shortcut mspp_shortcut mspp_shortcut_ActivityPointers
regardingobjectid_mspp_website mspp_website mspp_website_ActivityPointers
regardingobjectid_new_interactionforemail interactionforemail new_interactionforemail_ActivityPointers
sendermailboxid mailbox activitypointer_sendermailboxid_mailbox
sla_activitypointer_sla sla manualsla_activitypointer
slainvokedid_activitypointer_sla sla sla_activitypointer
transactioncurrencyid transactioncurrency TransactionCurrency_ActivityPointer

Collection-valued navigation properties

Collection-valued navigation properties represent collections of entities which may represent either a one-to-many (1:N) or many-to-many (N:N) relationship between the entities.

Name Type Partner
activity_pointer_activity_mime_attachment activitymimeattachment objectid_activitypointer
activity_pointer_adx_inviteredemption adx_inviteredemption activityid_adx_inviteredemption
activity_pointer_adx_portalcomment adx_portalcomment activityid_adx_portalcomment
activity_pointer_appointment appointment activityid_activitypointer
activity_pointer_chat chat activityid_chat
activity_pointer_email email activityid_activitypointer
activity_pointer_fax fax activityid_activitypointer
activity_pointer_letter letter activityid_activitypointer
activity_pointer_phonecall phonecall activityid_activitypointer
activity_pointer_recurrencerule recurrencerule objectid
activity_pointer_recurringappointmentmaster recurringappointmentmaster activityid_activitypointer
activity_pointer_socialactivity socialactivity activityid_activitypointer
activity_pointer_task task activityid_activitypointer
activitypointer_activity_parties activityparty activityid_activitypointer
ActivityPointer_AsyncOperations asyncoperation regardingobjectid_activitypointer
ActivityPointer_BulkDeleteFailures bulkdeletefailure regardingobjectid_activitypointer
activitypointer_connections1 connection record1id_activitypointer
activitypointer_connections2 connection record2id_activitypointer
activitypointer_FileAttachments fileattachment objectid_activitypointer
ActivityPointer_QueueItem queueitem objectid_activitypointer
slakpiinstance_activitypointer slakpiinstance regarding_activitypointer


The following operations can be used with the activitypointer entity type.

Name Binding
Rollup Not Bound

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