Install Power Platform CLI with .NET Tool

Applies to: Windows Linux macOS

You can install, update, and uninstall the Power Platform CLI using .NET tool commands.


An internet connection is required for install and update. Power Platform CLI with .NET Tool is installed and updated from this NuGet package: Microsoft.PowerApps.CLI.Tool


You must have .NET installed. .NET 6.0 is recommended.


Install Power Platform CLI by using the dotnet tool install command:

dotnet tool install --global Microsoft.PowerApps.CLI.Tool


Update Power Platform CLI by using the dotnet tool update command:

dotnet tool update --global Microsoft.PowerApps.CLI.Tool


All updates for Power Platform CLI require internet connection to access the latest Nuget package: Microsoft.PowerApps.CLI


Uninstall Power Platform CLI by using the dotnet tool uninstall command:

dotnet tool uninstall --global Microsoft.PowerApps.CLI.Tool

File locations

The default location for a tool's executable file depends on the operating system:

OS Path
Linux/macOS $HOME/.dotnet/tools
Windows %USERPROFILE%\.dotnet\tools

This location is added to the user's path when the SDK is first run. So global tools can be invoked from any directory without specifying the tool location.

Tool access is user-specific, not machine global. A global tool is only available to the user that installed the tool.

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