EntityRecognitionSkill Class


This skill is deprecated. Use the V3.EntityRecognitionSkill instead.

public class EntityRecognitionSkill : Azure.Search.Documents.Indexes.Models.SearchIndexerSkill
type EntityRecognitionSkill = class
    inherit SearchIndexerSkill
Public Class EntityRecognitionSkill
Inherits SearchIndexerSkill


EntityRecognitionSkill(IEnumerable<InputFieldMappingEntry>, IEnumerable<OutputFieldMappingEntry>, EntityRecognitionSkill+SkillVersion)

Initializes a new instance of EntityRecognitionSkill.



A list of entity categories that should be extracted.


Represents the level at which operations take place, such as the document root or document content (for example, /document or /document/content). The default is /document.

(Inherited from SearchIndexerSkill)

A value indicating which language code to use. Default is en.


The description of the skill which describes the inputs, outputs, and usage of the skill.

(Inherited from SearchIndexerSkill)

Determines whether or not to include entities which are well known but don't conform to a predefined type. If this configuration is not set (default), set to null or set to false, entities which don't conform to one of the predefined types will not be surfaced.


Inputs of the skills could be a column in the source data set, or the output of an upstream skill.

(Inherited from SearchIndexerSkill)

A value between 0 and 1 that be used to only include entities whose confidence score is greater than the value specified. If not set (default), or if explicitly set to null, all entities will be included.


The version of the model to use when calling the Text Analytics service. It will default to the latest available when not specified. We recommend you do not specify this value unless absolutely necessary.


The name of the skill which uniquely identifies it within the skillset. A skill with no name defined will be given a default name of its 1-based index in the skills array prefaced with the character "#" in debug sessions and error messages.

(Inherited from SearchIndexerSkill)

The output of a skill is either a field in a search index, or a value that can be consumed as an input by another skill.

(Inherited from SearchIndexerSkill)

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