Delivering Service

Business Central provides features to help you deliver service according to the contracts that you have created and the service orders that you have committed to fulfilling. Your service technicians or dispatcher will find outstanding service orders easy to locate when they use the Dispatch Board. At a glance, the Dispatch Board shows which orders are in progress and which orders are complete.

Another way to review pending service orders is to use the Service Tasks page. In this view of your service obligations, you can see where in your service workflow an order is and change that status to reflect interactions with your customer.

The following table describes a sequence of tasks, with links to the topics that describe them.

A service management application must interface with a customer request for service. That service request usually is translated into a service order. Business Central provides tools to create an order both directly in response to a customer request or as part of the contract process, if that is how your application is set up.

If needed, you can manage a loaner program for your customers. You can also determine your pricing structure, put service pricing offerings into logical groupings, and create price adjustments.

The following table describes a sequence of tasks, with links to the topics that describe them.

To See
Create quotes that are drafts of service orders, and then convert the quotes to service orders. Create Service Quotes
Create documents that contain information about a service, such as repairs and maintenance, on service items. Create Service Orders
Plan the delivery of service by using the Dispatch Board. You can also use project management tools in the Jobs department to help in planning. Allocate Resources
Deliver service to customers by performing service tasks. Work on Service Tasks
Post service orders for services, so that your accounting is up-to-date. Post Service Orders and CR/Adj Notes
Create and post invoices for services that you have delivered. Create Service Invoices or CR/Adj Notes
Keep customers happy by lending them an item while you work on theirs. Lend and Receive Loaner Items

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