Train and publish your document processing model

After you create your document processing model, you can train, test, and publish it to make it available.

Train and validate your model

  1. Select Next to check your selected form fields. If everything looks good, select Train to train your model.

  2. When training is completed, select Go to Details page on the Training complete screen.

Quick-test your model

  1. On the details page, select Quick test.

  2. You can either drag a document or select Upload from my device to upload your test file. The quick-test should only take a few seconds before displaying the results.

  3. Select Start over to run another test, or Close if you're finished.

Troubleshooting tips

If you have trouble training your model, try these suggestions:

Publish your model

If you're happy with your model, you can select Publish to publish it. When publishing is complete, your model is promoted as Published and is ready to be used. More information: Publish your model in AI Builder

After you've published your form-processing model, you can use it in a Power Apps canvas app or in Power Automate.


The following applies to calls made per environment across document processing models including prebuilt models: receipt processing and invoice processing.

Action Limit Renewal period
Calls (per environment) 360 60 seconds

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