Partial blue or gray screen in Teams?

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One user started getting either a gray or blue partial screen in MS Teams which I haven’t seen happen to anyone before.

I tried clearing the “%appdata%\roaming\microsoft\teams” folder to delete the cache but that didn’t work. Then, I did a full uninstall and re-install after deleting all Teams folders in %appdata% both roaming and local. Did not work either. Disabled hardware acceleration and still no luck.

Her Teams version is the newest version ( and she’s on Win 10 22h2.

Anyone else see this before?


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  1. Ed W 100 Reputation points

    TL;DR - Single click the file in chat to open. If you accidentally double click and end up with a blue/grey, click within the Search box at the top of the screen.

    Was able to recreate this in both the Windows ( and Web versions of Teams.

    Double click a document (Word/Excel/TXT/etc) attached to a chat. Press CTRL-A as if you were selecting all text/items. Screen turns Blue. Click anywhere within the window. Screen turns grey. Click Close on the document. The chat window continues to be grey. Click on the Search box at the top of screen. Colors will revert to normal.

    Clicking within the Search box while the document is open also appears to correct the issue.

    As stated, the work around is to SINGLE click the file to open it. It appears to have something to do with double clicking on the file name. Double clicking the file name also highlights the file name just before it is opened, which appears to be confusing the CTRL-A function.

    Clicking inside the Search box appears to correct things with the document open or back at the chat.

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  2. jonesy 55 Reputation points

    We had the exact same issue over the last few days starting last Friday 3/10/2023. Our technician found that clicking the Ellipses on the left hand side of the screen seemed to clear the issue.

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    We tried this yesterday on a few of our users and they have reported no further blue screens within Teams. Just to be clear this blue/grey screen issue happens on the local application AND on the online Teams web app. It is not limited to Excel or PDF or Word docs. And the Ellipses fix worked on both the Local application and the Teams Web App. I will continue to monitor my users here and will report if this workaround doesn't resolve the issue.

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  3. RickyRocket 40 Reputation points

    Had the same issue with a user.

    Deleting the cache settings for Teams resolved it for a time but it re-occurred.

    Today, I verified the Theme settings in Teams. Noticed the user had none selected. I forced the "Default" setting.

    The blue overlay disappeared.

    I'm wondering if the Theme setting is part of a new feature set that came without a default selection.

    I'm continuing to keep an eye on it to see if it re-occurs.

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  4. GlenTech 486 Reputation points

    Microsoft Case #:35501961

    They are now aware of the bug but no perm fix as of yet. She recommended to head to the admin portal > health > Service health and report the issue there so maybe if enough users do the same it will get some traction.

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  5. StayAwayFromGrimace 31 Reputation points

    Microsoft is finally paying attention. A service health advisory was posted today.

    Some users may encounter rendering issues when opening content from the Files tab in Microsoft Teams

    TM530845, Last updated: March 21, 2023 11:33 AM

    Estimated start time: March 21, 2023 10:08 AM

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