Business standard plan -unable to increase onedrive for business storage from 1TB to 5TB

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Business standard plan -unable to increase onedrive for business storage from 1TB to 5TB

This issue can be reproduced in any business standard trial tenant 180265-bug.png

Business standard was one of the qualifying plan for unlimited storage. Now , we cant increase the storage even using powershell command. From admin center we can increase the storage at tenant level but user level even if we switch to org storage it still show as 1024 gb
Even in powershell command run successfully to increase storage but the storage dont increase

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  1. Vincent Martineau 106 Reputation points

    I have the same issue. I set maximum storage last year for my tenant to 5TB. I used to work because one on my user could store more that 3TB in his OneDrive.
    But it seams that things have changed recently because all user are back to 1TB storage limit again.

    I have just bought a OneDrive plan 2 and assigned it to my user with more that 3TB of storage in his OneDrive but nothing changes.

    I'm in contact with Microsoft support but they don't answer to me (asking for screenshots, ...etc.) and gives no hand...

    Looks like a bug or a change in their policy.

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  1. Stefan Gierke 36 Reputation points

    We have the same problem in the O365 tenant of one of our customers. More than 20 users have Microsoft 365 Business Standard licenses assigned and they all had 5 TB OneDrive storage after we increased the default storage in SharePoint Admin Center one year ago. And it had worked not only for Enterprise licenses before, but for Business licenses as well.

    But suddenly, since last week, the storage for more and more users (not all though) drops from 5 TB to 1 TB and cannot even be individually increased by Powershell cmdlet "Set-SPOSite -Identity https://[tenant][user] -StorageQuota 5242880". After executing this command, the storage just remains at 1024 GB. If you try to increase it via the GUI in admin center, it says: "Maximum storage limit for this user is 1024 GB".

    Even more strange is that some of the concerned users had way more storage in use before the drop, so that the usage bar in the Admin Center now says "426.1111 % of 1024 GB in use".

    I created a support ticket with Microsoft and they called me back two days ago. It is a problem in their backend, Microsoft is trying to fix it until 14th March 2022. Let's hope it works then again!

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  2. Stefan Gierke 36 Reputation points

    I got a final call from Microsoft support today. Unfortunately, she had no good news: Microsoft updated his OneDrive capacity policy for Business Basic, Business Standard and Business Premium. All Business licenses are from now on only eligible for 1 TB. The option to upgrade them to 5 TB is not available anymore. Only E3 oder E5 licenses still have the possibility for 5 TB.

    If we want 5 TB or more with Business licenses, we should assign OneDrive Plan 2 licenses to the users. That's the only way to get 5 TB back. I already purchased a OneDrive Plan 2 license to test it for one user and it works. He has 5 TB again.

    Quite frustrating, but at least we have certainty now. It's not a bug, it's on purpose by Microsoft.

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  3. O365 Buddy 66 Reputation points

    "If your organization has a qualifying Microsoft 365 subscription and five (5) or more users, you can change the storage space to more than 5 TB. To discuss your needs, contact Microsoft support. You must assign at least one license to a user before you can increase the default OneDrive storage space."

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  4. Stefan Gierke 36 Reputation points

    Today, something definitely was done by Microsoft in the backend, but not what we expected. Not the previous 5 TB capacity have been restored for the concerned O365 accounts, but only the current data amount that was already stored in OneDrive:


    For another account, the storage capacity is odd 1527 GB. For another account, however, it is still only 1024 GB. But none of the accounts has 5 TB as before.

    I'm still in contact with Microsoft support, they will escalate it.

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