Math in Office Links

I started this blog in 2006 and now it’s 2012. How time flies! At this point it seems worthwhile to post links to previous posts grouped according to subject. The present post provides links relevant to the main theme of the blog, math editing and display in Microsoft Office. Eventually it would be nice to have a book on this subject. A future post will provide links to a secondary theme, RichEdit-specific documentation.

A number of readers have provided auxiliary information, “cheat sheets”, short cuts, etc. I’d like to collect a list of these, so if you have links to such information please send them to me and I’ll post them. Also please feel free to add such links as comments to this post.

Editing Math Using Keyboard

Math Accents

Formula Autobuildup in Word 2007

Linear Format Version 3

Keyboard Entry of Subscripts and Superscripts

Math Keyboard Shortcuts

Negated Operators

Keyboard Operator Shortcuts

Entering Matrices

Equation Arrays

The Invisibles

Using Left/Right Arrow Keys in Mathematical Text

Math Selection          

Subscript and Superscript Bases

Empty Math Zone Place Holders

User Spaces in Math Zones

Automatic arguments

When Formula Autobuildup Occurs

Linear Format Notations for Mathematics


Editing Math using Ribbon, Dialogs, Context Menus

Math Ribbon Entry of Subscripts and Superscripts

Math Context Menus

More on Math Context Menus

Math Handwriting Recognition

Office Insert Symbol Dialog



Using Math Italic and Bold in Word 2007

Sans Serif Mathematical Symbols

The Math Paragraph

Paragraphs and Paragraph Formatting

Two Math Typography Niceties

Restricted Math Zone Character Formatting

Breaking Equations into Multiple Lines

Default Document Math Properties


Math Font

Special Capabilities of a Math Font

High Fonts and Math Fonts

STIX Beta Fonts


Equation Numbering

Equation Numbering Prototype

Cool Equation Number Macros for Word 2007



Mac Word 2011 and Math

Math in Office 2010

Improved MathML support in Word 2007



Article/Video on Murray Sargent and Math in Office

Equations in Word 2007

Entering Math via the Linear Format



High-Quality Editing and Display of Mathematical Text in Office 2007

Creating Math Web Documents using Word 2007

Directionality in Math Zones

Hidden Math Features in Word 2007

Smart Canvasses

Math Find/Replace and Rich Text Searches

Converting Equations from MathType to Word 2007's Equation Format

How I got into technical WP