What's new in Azure Advisor?

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May 2022

Unlimited number of subscriptions

It is easier now to get an overview of optimization opportunities available to your organization – no need to spend time and effort to apply filters and process subscription in batches.

To learn more, visit Get started with Azure Advisor.

Tag filtering

You can now get Advisor recommendations scoped to a business unit, workload, or team. Filter recommendations and calculate scores using tags you have already assigned to Azure resources, resource groups and subscriptions. Apply tag filters to:

  • Identify cost saving opportunities by business units
  • Compare scores for workloads to optimize critical ones first

To learn more, visit How to filter Advisor recommendations using tags.

January 2022

Shutdown/Resize your virtual machines recommendation was enhanced to increase the quality, robustness, and applicability.

Improvements include:

  1. Cross SKU family series resize recommendations are now available.

  2. Cross version resize recommendations are now available. In general, newer versions of SKU families are more optimized, provide more features, and have better performance/cost ratios than older versions.

  3. For better actionability, we updated recommendation criteria to include other SKU characteristics such as accelerated networking support, premium storage support, availability in a region, inclusion in an availability set, etc.


Read the How-to guide to learn more.