Troubleshoot why data is no longer being collected in Azure Monitor

This article provides guidance to detect when data collection in Azure Monitor stops and steps you can take to determine and correct the causes.

Data collection status

When data collection in a Log Analytics workspace stops, an event with a type of Operation is created in the workspace. Run the following query to check whether you're reaching the daily limit and missing data:

Operation | where OperationCategory == 'Data Collection Status'

When data collection stops, the OperationStatus is Warning. When data collection starts, the OperationStatus is Succeeded.

To be notified when data collection stops, use the steps described in the Alert when daily cap is reached section. To configure an e-mail, webhook, or runbook action for the alert rule, use the steps described in create an action group.

Daily cap was reached

The daily cap limits the amount of data that a Log Analytics workspace can collect in a day. If the daily cap is reached, then data collection will stop until the reset time. Either wait for collection to automatically restart, or increase the daily data volume limit.

Legacy free pricing tier

If your Log Analytics workspace is on the legacy Free pricing tier and has collected more than 500 MB of data in a day, data collection stops for the rest of the day. Wait until the following day for collection to automatically restart, or change to a paid pricing tier.

Workspace reached the data ingestion volume rate

The default ingestion volume rate limit for data sent from Azure resources using diagnostic settings is approximately 6 GB/min per workspace. This is an approximate value because the actual size can vary between data types, depending on the log length and its compression ratio. This limit doesn't apply to data that's sent from agents or the Data Collector API.

If you send data at a higher rate to a single workspace, some data is dropped, and an event is sent to the Operation table in your workspace every 6 hours while the threshold continues to be exceeded. If your ingestion volume continues to exceed the rate limit or you are expecting to reach it sometime soon, you can request an increase to your workspace by sending an email to or by opening a support request.

Use the following query to retrieve the record that indicates the data ingestion rate limit was reached.

| where OperationCategory == "Ingestion" 
| where Detail startswith "The rate of data crossed the threshold"

Azure subscription is in a suspended state

Your Azure subscription could be in a suspended state for one of the following reasons:

  • Free trial ended
  • Azure pass expired
  • Monthly spending limit reached (such as on an MSDN or Visual Studio subscription)

Limits summary

There are additional Log Analytics limits, some of which depend on the Log Analytics pricing tier. These are documented at Azure subscription and service limits, quotas, and constraints.

Next steps

  • See Analyze usage in Log Analytics workspace for details on analyzing the data in your workspace to determine to source of any higher than expected usage and opportunities to reduce your amount of data collected.