Restore a snapshot to a new volume using Azure NetApp Files

Snapshots enable point-in-time recovery of volumes. This article describes how to create a new volume from a snapshot by using Azure NetApp Files.



  1. Select Snapshots from the Volume page to display the snapshot list.

  2. Right-click the snapshot to restore and select Restore to new volume from the menu option.

    Screenshot that shows the Restore New Volume menu.

  3. In the Create a Volume page, provide information for the new volume.

    The new volume uses the same protocol that the snapshot uses.
    For information about the fields in the Create a Volume page, see:

    By default, the new volume includes a reference to the snapshot that was used for the restore operation from the original volume from Step 2, referred to as the base snapshot. This base snapshot does not consume any additional space because of how snapshots work. If you don't want the new volume to contain this base snapshot, select Delete base snapshot during the new volume creation.

    Screenshot showing the Create a Volume window for restoring a volume from a snapshot.

  4. Select Review+create. Select Create.
    The Volumes page displays the new volume to which the snapshot restores. Refer to the Originated from field to see the name of the snapshot used to create the volume.

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