Quickstart: Port a phone number


SMS capabilities depend on the phone number you use and the country that you're operating within as determined by your Azure billing address. For more information, visit the Subscription eligibility documentation.

Get started with Azure Communication Services by porting your phone number into your Azure Communication Services resource. Toll-free and geographic numbers based in the United States are eligible for porting. For more information about phone number types, visit the phone number conceptual documentation.


Gather your Azure resource details

Before initiating a port request, navigate to the Azure portal and select your Communication Services resource. With the Overview pane selected, click on the JSON View link in the upper right-hand corner:

Screenshot showing selecting the JSON View.

Record your resource's Azure ID and Immutable Resource ID:

Screenshot showing selecting the JSON properties.

Initiate the port request

Toll-free and geographic numbers are eligible for porting. Follow the "New Port In Request" instructions to submit your port request

Next steps

In this quickstart you learned how to:

  • Acquire your Communication Services resource metadata
  • Submit a request to port your phone number