Quickstart: Create and configure a project

This quickstart shows you how to create a project in Azure Deployment Environments, and associate the project with the dev center you created in Quickstart: Create and configure a dev center.

The following diagram shows the steps you perform in this quickstart to configure a project associated with a dev center for Deployment Environments in the Azure portal.

Diagram showing the stages required to configure a project for Deployment Environments.

First, you create a project. Then, assign the dev center managed identity the Owner role to the subscription. Then, you configure the project by creating a project environment type. Finally, you give the development team access to the project by assigning the Deployment Environments User role to the project.

You need to perform the steps in both quickstarts before you can create a deployment environment.


Create a project

To create a project in your dev center:

  1. In the Azure portal, go to Azure Deployment Environments.

  2. In the left menu under Configure, select Projects.

  3. In Projects, select Create.

  4. In Create a project, on the Basics tab, enter or select the following information:

    Name Value
    Subscription Select the subscription in which you want to create the project.
    Resource group Either use an existing resource group or select Create new and enter a name for the resource group.
    Dev center Select a dev center to associate with this project. All settings for the dev center apply to the project.
    Name Enter a name for the project.
    Description (Optional) Enter any project-related details.
  5. On the Review + Create tab, wait for deployment validation, and then select Create.

    Screenshot that shows selecting the create project basics tab.

  6. Confirm that the project was successfully created by checking your Azure portal notifications. Then, select Go to resource.

  7. Confirm that you see the project overview pane.

    Screenshot that shows the project overview pane.

Create a project environment type

To configure a project, add a project environment type:

  1. In the Azure portal, go to your project.

  2. In the left menu under Environment configuration, select Environment types, and then select Add.

    Screenshot that shows the Environment types pane.

  3. In Add environment type to <project-name>, enter or select the following information:

    Name Value
    Type Select a dev center level environment type to enable for the specific project.
    Deployment subscription Select the subscription in which the environment will be created.
    Deployment identity Select either a system-assigned identity or a user-assigned managed identity that's used to perform deployments on behalf of the user.
    Permissions on environment resources > Environment creator role(s) Select the roles to give access to the environment resources.
    Permissions on environment resources > Additional access Select the users or Azure Active Directory groups to assign to specific roles on the environment resources.
    Tags Enter a tag name and a tag value. These tags are applied on all resources that are created as part of the environment.

    Screenshot that shows adding details in the Add project environment type pane.


At least one identity (system-assigned or user-assigned) must be enabled for deployment identity. The identity is used to perform the environment deployment on behalf of the developer. Additionally, the identity attached to the dev center should be assigned the Owner role for access to the deployment subscription for each environment type.

Give access to the development team

  1. In the Azure portal, go to your project.

  2. In the left menu, select Access control (IAM).

  3. Select Add > Add role assignment.

  4. Assign the following role. For detailed steps, see Assign Azure roles using the Azure portal.

    Setting Value
    Role Select Deployment Environments User.
    Assign access to Select User, group, or service principal.
    Members Select the users or groups you want to have access to the project.

    Screenshot that shows the Add role assignment pane.


Only a user who has the Deployment Environments User role, the DevCenter Project Admin role, or a built-in role that has appropriate permissions can create an environment.

Next steps

In this quickstart, you created a project and granted project access to your development team. To learn about how your development team members can create environments, advance to the next quickstart.