Notifications FAQS

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Can I receive emails in plain text?

No. Plain text was supported in earlier versions of Azure DevOps, but all emails are now HTML formatted.

How can I avoid receiving any notifications for activity in an organization?

Because of custom subscriptions, there's no way to completely avoid receiving any notifications. However, you can do the following actions to minimize the amount you receive:

  • Unsubscribe from all default and admin-created team and group subscriptions
  • Disable or remove all custom subscriptions

Why do some emails have multiple recipients on the To line?

A default or team or group subscription can have multiple recipients, depending on how it's configured. When all users have permission to the resource related to the event, they get combined in one email.

Previously, each recipient received an individually addressed email, which could result in the same user getting multiple emails because of their membership in multiple groups.

Is it possible to post @mentions via an API call?

Yes. For more information, see Use @ mentions in work items and pull requests.

How do subscriptions at one level impact what notifications are sent based on subscriptions on another level?

Subscriptions made at one level are fully and completely independent of each other. There is no interaction. If you turn something off at the project level but not at the user level, then you get the notification.