What's new in Microsoft Sentinel

This article lists recent features added for Microsoft Sentinel, and new features in related services that provide an enhanced user experience in Microsoft Sentinel.

The listed features were released in the last three months. For information about earlier features delivered, see our Tech Community blogs.

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For information about feature availability in US Government clouds, see the Microsoft Sentinel tables in Cloud feature availability for US Government customers.

April 2024

Unified security operations platform in the Microsoft Defender portal (preview)

The unified security operations platform in the Microsoft Defender portal is now available. This release brings together the full capabilities of Microsoft Sentinel, Microsoft Defender XDR, and Microsoft Copilot in Microsoft Defender. For more information, see the following resources:

Microsoft Sentinel now generally available (GA) in Azure China 21Vianet

Microsoft Sentinel is now generally available (GA) in Azure China 21Vianet. Individual features might still be in public preview, as listed on Microsoft Sentinel feature support for Azure commercial/other clouds.

For more information, see also Geographical availability and data residency in Microsoft Sentinel.

Two anomaly detections discontinued

The following anomaly detections are discontinued as of March 26, 2024, due to low quality of results:

  • Domain Reputation Palo Alto anomaly
  • Multi-region logins in a single day via Palo Alto GlobalProtect

For the complete list of anomaly detections, see the anomalies reference page.

Microsoft Sentinel is now available in Italy North region

Microsoft Sentinel is now available in Italy North Azure region with the same feature set as all other Azure Commercial regions as listed on Microsoft Sentinel feature support for Azure commercial/other clouds.

For more information, see also Geographical availability and data residency in Microsoft Sentinel.

March 2024

SIEM migration experience now generally available (GA)

At the beginning of the month, we announced the SIEM migration preview. Now at the end of the month, it's already GA! The new Microsoft Sentinel Migration experience helps customers and partners automate the process of migrating their security monitoring use cases hosted in non-Microsoft products into Microsoft Sentinel.

  • This first version of the tool supports migrations from Splunk

For more information, see Migrate to Microsoft Sentinel with the SIEM migration experience

Join our Security Community for a webinar showcasing the SIEM migration experience on May 2nd, 2024.

Amazon Web Services S3 connector now generally available (GA)

Microsoft Sentinel has released the AWS S3 data connector to general availability (GA). You can use this connector to ingest logs from several AWS services to Microsoft Sentinel using an S3 bucket and AWS's simple message queuing service.

Concurrent with this release, this connector's configuration has changed slightly for Azure Commercial Cloud customers. User authentication to AWS is now done using an OpenID Connect (OIDC) web identity provider, instead of through the Microsoft Sentinel application ID in combination with the customer workspace ID. Existing customers can continue using their current configuration for the time being, and will be notified well in advance of the need to make any changes.

To learn more about the AWS S3 connector, see Connect Microsoft Sentinel to Amazon Web Services to ingest AWS service log data

Codeless connector builder (preview)

We now have a workbook to help navigate the complex JSON involved in deploying an ARM template for codeless connector platform (CCP) data connectors. Use the friendly interface of the codeless connector builder to simplify your development.

See our blog post for more details, Create Codeless Connectors with the Codeless Connector Builder (Preview).

For more information on the CCP, see Create a codeless connector for Microsoft Sentinel (Public preview).

Data connectors for Syslog and CEF based on Azure Monitor Agent now generally available (GA)

Microsoft Sentinel has released two more data connectors based on the Azure Monitor Agent (AMA) to general availability. You can now use these connectors to deploy Data Collection Rules (DCRs) to Azure Monitor Agent-installed machines to collect Syslog messages, including those in Common Event Format (CEF).

To learn more about the Syslog and CEF connectors, see Ingest Syslog and CEF logs with the Azure Monitor Agent.

February 2024

Microsoft Sentinel solution for Microsoft Power Platform preview available

The Microsoft Sentinel solution for Power Platform (preview) allows you to monitor and detect suspicious or malicious activities in your Power Platform environment. The solution collects activity logs from different Power Platform components and inventory data. It analyzes those activity logs to detect threats and suspicious activities like the following activities:

  • Power Apps execution from unauthorized geographies
  • Suspicious data destruction by Power Apps
  • Mass deletion of Power Apps
  • Phishing attacks made possible through Power Apps
  • Power Automate flows activity by departing employees
  • Microsoft Power Platform connectors added to the environment
  • Update or removal of Microsoft Power Platform data loss prevention policies

Find this solution in the Microsoft Sentinel content hub.

For more information, see:

New Google Pub/Sub-based connector for ingesting Security Command Center findings (Preview)

You can now ingest logs from Google Security Command Center, using the new Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Pub/Sub-based connector (now in PREVIEW).

The Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Security Command Center is a robust security and risk management platform for Google Cloud. It provides features such as asset inventory and discovery, detection of vulnerabilities and threats, and risk mitigation and remediation. These capabilities help you gain insights into and control over your organization's security posture and data attack surface, and enhance your ability to efficiently handle tasks related to findings and assets.

The integration with Microsoft Sentinel allows you to have visibility and control over your entire multicloud environment from a "single pane of glass."

Incident tasks now generally available (GA)

Incident tasks, which help you standardize your incident investigation and response practices so you can more effectively manage incident workflow, are now generally available (GA) in Microsoft Sentinel.

AWS and GCP data connectors now support Azure Government clouds

Microsoft Sentinel data connectors for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) now include supporting configurations to ingest data into workspaces in Azure Government clouds.

The configurations for these connectors for Azure Government customers differ slightly from the public cloud configuration. See the relevant documentation for details:

Windows DNS Events via AMA connector now generally available (GA)

Windows DNS events can now be ingested to Microsoft Sentinel using the Azure Monitor Agent with the now generally available data connector. This connector allows you to define Data Collection Rules (DCRs) and powerful, complex filters so that you ingest only the specific DNS records and fields you need.

January 2024

Reduce false positives for SAP systems with analytics rules

Reduce false positives for SAP systems with analytics rules

Use analytics rules together with the Microsoft Sentinel solution for SAP® applications to lower the number of false positives triggered from your SAP® systems. The Microsoft Sentinel solution for SAP® applications now includes the following enhancements:

  • The SAPUsersGetVIP function now supports excluding users according to their SAP-given roles or profile.

  • The SAP_User_Config watchlist now supports using wildcards in the SAPUser field to exclude all users with a specific syntax.

For more information, see Microsoft Sentinel solution for SAP® applications data reference and Handle false positives in Microsoft Sentinel.

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