Map Control API Reference


In Android APIs, consider unannotated parameters and methods implicitly annotated as non-null. Nullable annotations are explicit.

In iOS APIs, all nullability annotations are explicit.



Name Details
GeoboundingBox Describes a geographic rectangular area.
Geocircle Describes a geographic circular area with a center point and radius.
Geopath Describes an ordered series of geographic points, usable for defining a polyline or polygon.
Geopoint Describes a geographic point.
Geoposition Describes a geographic position's basic information: latitude, longitude, and altitude.
Geoshape Describes a geographic shape.


Name Details
AltitudeReferenceSystem Indicates what an altitude value is relative to.
GeoshapeType Describes the shape of a geographic region.

Map Control


Name Details
CustomTileMapLayer Allows a developer to generate custom tiles on the client to overlay on the map.
GroundOverlayMapLayer Displays an image in a geographic area.
MapCamera A collection of properties that describes a camera from which to view a map
MapElement Base abstract class for all map elements within the map.
MapElementCollection A collection of MapElements, such as icons and lines.
MapElementLayer Used to manage settings across a developer-configurable collection of elements.
MapFlyout A custom user interface that pops up as users click on MapIcons.
MapIcon Displays a graphic image on the map.
MapImage An image that can be displayed on the map via a MapIcon.
MapLayer Base class for all map layers.
MapLayerCollection Collection of map layers that are shown on a map.
MapLocationData Contains the location information retrieved by tracking the user's location.
MapPolygon Displays a shape on the map.
MapPolyline Displays a line on the map.
MapRouteLine Displays a route line on the map.
MapRouteSegment Represents a road segment displayed on the map.
MapScene Base class for all map scenes. Provides ways to control what is displayed on the map.
MapStyleSheet Controls the visual display of the map like road color and size.
MapStyleSheets Represents a set of rules that define the style of the map in a map control.
MapUserInterfaceOptions Used for configuring which user interface elements to display on the Map View.
MapUserLocation Allows to track the user's location and display it on the map with an accuracy radius and a heading.
MapView The core view object that displays a map within a broader map view.
TrafficFlowMapLayer Displays active traffic flow on a map.
UriTileMapLayer A tile map layer that retrieves tiles from a web server using developer-supplied URLs.
ViewPadding Represents the view padding information.


Name Details
CopyrightDisplay Controls how the copyright is displayed on the map.
MapAnimationKind Describes types of animations supported for camera transitions.
MapCameraChangeReason Specifies the reason the position of the map's camera has changed.
MapElementCollisionBehavior Describes the behavior of a MapIcon when it collides with other map features.
MapLoadingStatus The status of the map indicating how much of the map is currently being. rendered.
MapProjection Controls how the map projects the world onto the screen.
MapRenderMode Defines primary data source for rendering map.
MapRouteLineState Defines the route state of MapRouteLine.
MapRouteLineTrafficCongestion Defines the travel congestion of MapRouteSegment.
MapRouteLineTravelMode Defines the travel mode of MapRouteSegment.
MapUserLocationTrackingMode Defines tracking mode for user location.
MapUserLocationTrackingState Defines tracking state for user location.