Installing Clarity on Third-Party Platforms

Clarity works alongside third-party platforms that you use to manage your site. If you're using one of them, you can install the Clarity tracking code in the third-party platform instead of directly on your site. Learn more on third-party installation.

View Clarity third-party platforms.

How to raise a new platform request?

If your platform isn't listed, go to Settings -> Setup.

  1. Go to Installation methods -> Install on third-party platform -> View all platforms.

  2. Select I don't see my platform to submit a request.

    Select I don't see my platform.

  3. Enter the platform name and select Submit. While we'll try to support your platform in the future, you can install the code manually to start using Clarity im../mediately.

    Submit platform request.


For answers to common questions, refer to Setup FAQ.

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