Install Clarity on Webflow platform

Webflow is a website development platform that creates robust websites with interactive animations and integrations.

Step 1

In the Webflow marketplace, search for Microsoft Clarity and select Install.

Step 2

Select the sites/workspace you would like to add Clarity to.


Clarity can be added on a whole workspace or on a single site inside a workspace. Its recommended not to choose more than 5 sites.

Select workspace or site.

Step 3

Sign in or Sign up to Clarity to create a new Clarity project.

Sign in to Clarity for Webflow.

You can also link an existing Clarity project.

Link a Clarity project.

Step 4

Ensure to publish the changes to activate the integration.

Select publish the webflow changes.

Once all the changes are published, select Go to designer view to start using Clarity.

Select go to designer view.

Step 5

In the designer view, you can view Clarity as one of the connected apps.

Select clarity on webflow's connected apps.

Clarity dashboard opens on selecting it.

View clarity dashboard on webflow.


For more answers, refer to the Setup FAQ.

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