Exports (preview) overview

Exports allow you to share specific data with various applications. They can include customer profiles, tables, schemas, and mapping details. Each export requires a connection, set up by an administrator, to manage authentication and access. The Exports page shows you all configured exports.

Export types

There are two main types of exports:

  • Data-out exports let you export any type of table available in Customer Insights. The tables that you select for export are exported with all data fields, metadata, schemas, and mapping details.
  • Segment exports let you export segment tables from Customer Insights. For individual consumers (B-to-C), segments represent a list of customer profiles. For businesses (B-to-B), segments can represent a list of accounts or contacts. When configuring the export, you select the included data fields, depending on the target system you are exporting data to.

Segment exports

Exporting segments in environments for business accounts (B-to-B) or individual consumers (B-to-C)
Most export options support both types of environments. Exporting segments to various target systems have specific requirements.

Segment exports in environments for individual consumers (B-to-C)

  • Segments in the context of environments for individual customers are built on the unified customer profile table. Every segment that meets the requirements of the target systems (for example, an email address) can get exported.

Segment exports in environments for business accounts (B-to-B)

  • Segments in the context of environments for business accounts are built on the account table or the contact table. To export account segments as is, the target system needs to support pure account segments. This is the case for LinkedIn when you choose the company option while defining the export.
  • All other target systems require fields from the contact table.
  • With two segment types (contacts and accounts), Customer Insights automatically identifies which type of segments are eligible for export based on the target system. For example, for a contact-focused target system like Mailchimp, Customer Insights only allows you to choose contact segments to export.

Limits on segment exports

  • Third-party target systems may limit the number of customer profiles that you can export.
  • For individual customers, you'll see the actual number of segment members when you select a segment for export. You will get a warning if a segment is too large.
  • For business accounts, you'll see the number of accounts or contacts depending on the segment. You will get a warning if the segment is too large. Exceeding the limits of the target systems results will skip the export.

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