How to enable Microsoft eCDN


After you’ve purchased the Microsoft eCDN SKU, enable the solution on your tenant by following these steps:

  1. Open your Teams Admin Center and navigate to Live events settings.

  2. Choose Microsoft eCDN from the Video distribution provider selection box.

    Image of configuring Microsoft eCDN in the Teams Admin Center.

  3. Leave the Custom Support URL as-is. It is not mandatory.

  4. Make sure to click Save. Once you do so, the system will require from 4 – 24 hours to provision Microsoft eCDN on your tenant.

  5. Every new Teams Live Event will have Microsoft eCDN enabled. Existing scheduled events will also work with Microsoft eCDN if they weren’t scheduled when another eCDN provider was configured.

Extended configuration

Administrators may define groups of peers and policies to restrict peering over specific networks, VPNs, across offices, etc.

You can incorporate your own subnet mapping by uploading a CSV file listing your subnets to Microsoft eCDN’s subnet mapping UI. Please refer to the Subnet Mapping UI documentation for guidance on how to prepare your subnet mappings CSV for upload.


Microsoft eCDN provides various analytics tools that are useful for the monitoring and troubleshooting of video- and network-related issues. These tools ideally complement the existing Teams user experience and usage statistics and provide one unified and holistic view of everything that is going on with the streaming end to end. To view your analytics, click here.

Image of Microsoft eCDN analytics dashboard.

For more on Analytics, see the Overview Dashboard documentation.


If you have any questions or need help, please contact your Microsoft Customer Success Account Manager.