Get started with Entity Framework 6

This guide contains a collection of links to selected documentation articles, walkthroughs and videos that can help you get started quickly.


  • Get Entity Framework

    Here you will learn how to add Entity Framework to your applications and, if you want to use the EF Designer, make sure you get it installed in Visual Studio.

  • Creating a Model: Code First, the EF Designer, and the EF Workflows

    Do you prefer to specify your EF model writing code or drawing boxes and lines? Are you going to use EF to map your objects to an existing database or would you like EF to create a database tailored for your objects? Here you learn about two different approaches to use EF6: EF Designer and Code First. Make sure you follow the discussion and watch the video about the difference.

  • Working with DbContext

    DbContext is the first and most important EF type that you need to learn how to use. It serves as the launchpad for database queries and keeps track of changes you make to objects so that they can be persisted back to the database.

  • Ask a Question

    Find out how to get help from the experts and contribute your own answers to the community.

  • Contribute

    Entity Framework 6 uses an open development model. Find out how you can help make EF even better by visiting our GitHub repository.

Code First resources

EF Designer resources

Other resources