task resource type (lifecycle workflow tasks)

Namespace: microsoft.graph.identityGovernance

Represents the built-in tasks available for lifecycle workflows. Tasks are the actions a workflow will execute when triggered. The built-in task "Run a custom task extension" can be used to trigger custom task extensions when you reach the limits of the other available built-in tasks, this allows integration with Azure Logic Apps.

A workflow can have up to 25 tasks.

Inherits from entity.


Method Return type Description
List tasks microsoft.graph.identityGovernance.task collection Get a list of the task objects and their properties.
Get task microsoft.graph.identityGovernance.task Read the properties and relationships of a task object.
Update task microsoft.graph.identityGovernance.task update the properties of a task object.


Property Type Description
arguments microsoft.graph.keyValuePair collection Arguments included within the task.
For guidance to configure this property, see Configure the arguments for built-in Lifecycle Workflow tasks. Required.
category microsoft.graph.identityGovernance.lifecycleTaskCategory The category of the task. The possible values are: joiner, leaver, unknownFutureValue. This property is multi-valued and the same task can apply to both joiner and leaver categories.

Supports $filter(eq, ne).
continueOnError Boolean A boolean value that specifies whether, if this task fails, the workflow will stop, and subsequent tasks will not run. Optional.
description String A string that describes the purpose of the task for administrative use. Optional.
displayName String A unique string that identifies the task. Required.

Supports $filter(eq, ne) and orderBy.
executionSequence Int32 An integer that states in what order the task will run in a workflow.

Supports $orderby.
id String Identifier used for individually addressing a specific task. Inherited from entity.

Supports $filter(eq, ne) and $orderby.
isEnabled Boolean A boolean value that denotes whether the task is set to run or not. Optional.

Supports $filter(eq, ne) and orderBy.
taskDefinitionId String A unique template identifier for the task. For more information about the tasks that Lifecycle Workflows currently supports and their unique identifiers, see supported tasks. Required.

Supports $filter(eq, ne).

Supported tasks

Lifecycle Workflows currently support the following tasks:

Task taskdefinitionID Category
Send welcome email to new hire 70b29d51-b59a-4773-9280-8841dfd3f2ea Joiner
Send onboarding reminder email 3C860712-2D37-42A4-928F-5C93935D26A1 Joiner
Generate Temporary Access Pass and send via email to user's manager 1b555e50-7f65-41d5-b514-5894a026d10d Joiner
Request user access package assignment c1ec1e76-f374-4375-aaa6-0bb6bd4c60be Joiner, Mover
Send email to notify manager of user move aab41899-9972-422a-9d97-f626014578b7 Mover
Add user to groups 22085229-5809-45e8-97fd-270d28d66910 Joiner, Leaver, Mover
Add user to teams e440ed8d-25a1-4618-84ce-091ed5be5594 Joiner, Leaver, Mover
Enable user account 6fc52c9d-398b-4305-9763-15f42c1676fc Joiner, Leaver
Run a custom task extension 4262b724-8dba-4fad-afc3-43fcbb497a0e Joiner, Leaver, Mover
Disable user account 1dfdfcc7-52fa-4c2e-bf3a-e3919cc12950 Leaver
Remove user from selected group 1953a66c-751c-45e5-8bfe-01462c70da3c Joiner, Leaver, Mover
Remove users from all groups b3a31406-2a15-4c9a-b25b-a658fa5f07fc Leaver
Remove user from teams 06aa7acb-01af-4824-8899-b14e5ed788d6 Joiner, Leaver, Mover
Remove user from all teams 81f7b200-2816-4b3b-8c5d-dc556f07b024 Leaver
Remove all license assignments from user 8fa97d28-3e52-4985-b3a9-a1126f9b8b4e Leaver
Remove access package assignment for user 4a0b64f2-c7ec-46ba-b117-18f262946c50 Leaver, Mover
Remove all access package assignments for user 42ae2956-193d-4f39-be06-691b8ac4fa1d Leaver
Cancel all pending access package assignment requests for user 498770d9-bab7-4e4c-b73d-5ded82a1d0b3 Leaver
Delete user 8d18588d-9ad3-4c0f-99d0-ec215f0e3dff Leaver
Send email to manager before user last day 52853a3e-f4e5-4eb8-bb24-1ac09a1da935 Leaver
Send email on users last day 9c0a1eaf-5bda-4392-9d9e-6e155bb57411 Leaver
Send offboarding email to users manager after their last day 6f22ddd4-b3a5-47a4-a846-0d7c201a49ce Leaver


Relationship Type Description
taskProcessingResults microsoft.graph.identityGovernance.taskProcessingResult collection The result of processing the task.

JSON representation

The following is a JSON representation of the resource.

  "@odata.type": "#microsoft.graph.identityGovernance.task",
  "id": "String (identifier)",
  "arguments": [
      "@odata.type": "microsoft.graph.keyValuePair"
  "category": "String",
  "continueOnError": "Boolean",
  "description": "String",
  "displayName": "String",
  "executionSequence": "Integer",
  "isEnabled": "Boolean",
  "taskDefinitionId": "String"

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