Deliver effective programming

Empower your staff and volunteers to deliver measurable and responsive programs based on community needs.

Volunteer Management

Volunteer Management, built on Power Apps, enables nonprofit staff to manage day-to-day processes to more effectively recruit, onboard, and retain volunteers. With Volunteer Management, volunteer managers can perform the following tasks:

  • Create and publish engagement opportunities. Define the qualifications, skills, and shifts needed for opportunities and publish them to the Volunteer Engagement portal.
  • Review and approve volunteer applications, and schedule volunteers.
  • Track the onboarding progress of volunteers.
  • Manage day-of activities such as tracking attendance and balancing shift volumes.
  • Set up automated messaging to ensure volunteers receive timely logistics, training, and gratitude for their time.
  • Gain volunteer insights. Understand who applies for opportunities and and who contributes time to your organization.

For more information, go to Use Volunteer Management.

Volunteer Engagement

Volunteer Engagement is a Power Apps portal where volunteers can easily find and apply for engagement opportunities. The opportunities that you create in Volunteer Management are published to the portal, which integrates with your organization's website. In the portal, volunteers can:

  • Create a profile to highlight their experience, skills, interests, and availability.
  • Search for engagement opportunities that match their skills, interests, and schedule.
  • Apply for engagement opportunities using their profile. Applications are sent to the Volunteer Management app for volunteer managers to review and approve.
  • View their engagement details that include previous and upcoming engagements, and the hours they contributed.

For more information, go to Use Volunteer Engagement.

Watch this video to learn more about Volunteer Management and Volunteer Engagement.

Volunteer center template

Use the SharePoint Volunteer center template to set up a central hub for your volunteers to access key information.

Welcome new volunteers, post announcements, showcase upcoming events, and introduce your organization and staff. Provide easy access to training and onboarding materials, and key sites.

For more information, go to Use the SharePoint Volunteer center site template.

Manage volunteers template

Use this team template to quickly and easily set up teams in Microsoft Teams for your staff to communicate and collaborate on volunteer management tasks and activities.

This template includes settings, channels, and apps designed to streamline volunteer management activities. The template integrates with Volunteer Management and enables staff to manage documents and work in their app of choice, across multiple devices. Your staff can use different channels to collaborate on volunteer engagement opportunities. Your staff can organize and share onboarding materials and frequently used documents, view reporting, and post important team and event announcements.

For more information, go to Use the Manage volunteers team template.

Microsoft Community Training

Microsoft Community Training, powered by Microsoft Azure, is an online learning platform that enables your organization to run large-scale training programs for your internal and external communities such as staff, volunteers, and beneficiaries.

The platform supports personalized learning for large-scale mobile-based communities. It's easy to manage and provides robust security and privacy protection. Learners can access training anytime, anywhere from their choice of devices, even on low-bandwidth networks and when offline.

For more information, go to Microsoft Community Training documentation.