Microsoft 365 admin center help

Explore resources for working in the Microsoft 365 admin center.

Get started

Set up your subscription and email, add users, and install apps.

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YouTube - Microsoft 365 help for small businesses

Learn how to set up and manage Microsoft 365 for your business with short videos.

Get started

Sign up and set up Microsoft 365.

Migrate data

Move your data from another service to Microsoft 365.

Install apps

Install Office and other Microsoft apps.

Train users

Help users in your organization learn how to store and share files and use Office apps.


Manage your subscription, services, and users, secure your business, and get help troubleshooting.

Users and groups

Manage passwords, add and remove users, set up and manage groups, manage guest access, and assign user licenses.

Email and calendars

Manage email settings, distribution groups, and security settings, and set up shared mailboxes.


Learn about domains, set up and manage domains, and update DNS records.

Your data and service

Monitor the status of your service, back up data, install add-ins, and upgrade to the latest apps.

Subscriptions and billing

Manage bills, subscriptions, and product licenses, update payment methods, and purchase additional services and storage.

Secure your organization

Learn about the best ways to secure your organization like setting up multifactor authentication (MFA), Microsoft Secure Score, and GDPR.


Access resources to help you troubleshoot and fix problems with your Office products or services.