What's new in the Microsoft 365 admin center


Some of the information in this article might not apply to Office 365 operated by 21Vianet.

We're continuously adding new features to the Microsoft 365 admin center, fixing issues we learn about, and making changes based on your feedback. Some features get rolled out at different speeds to our customers. If you aren't seeing a feature yet, try adding yourself to targeted release.

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May 2023

Sign up for Windows release health email notifications

You now have an option to sign up for email notifications about Windows known issues and informational updates. Notifications include changes in issue status, new workarounds, and issue resolutions. To subscribe to notifications:

  1. Go to the Windows release health page.
  2. Select Preferences > Email, then select Send me email notifications about Windows release health.
  3. Specify the following information:
    • Email address for the notifications
      • Each admin account can specify up to two email addresses under their email preferences
    • Windows versions to be notified about
      • When a single known issue affects multiple versions of Windows, you'll receive only one email notification, even if you've selected notifications for multiple versions. Duplicate emails won't be sent.
  4. Select Save when you're finished specifying email addresses and Windows versions. It may take up to 8 hours for these changes to take effect.

For more information, see How to check Windows release health.

April 2023

The Suggested training feature is part of the Experience Insights dashboard and gives you deeper insights into the Microsoft 365 help and training articles being read by your signed-in users on support.microsoft.com and in-app help panels with these 3 insights:

  • Top viewed articles for your organization shows you help and training articles that have been getting the most views by people in your organization.

  • Trending across organizations shows you the help and training topics that are moving up the most in your organizations most viewed list.

  • Commonly viewed together gives you insights into the additional help articles users in all Microsoft 365 organizations are reading, along with the top viewed and top trending articles. You can use this info to put together and share training packages for your users.

    Experience insights dashboard

Use this data to decide which help articles and training resources to share with your users about these products and apps, or make sure your helpdesk is aware of these areas so they can answer any user questions. If your org doesn’t have enough views on help and training articles, you’ll see data from other Microsoft 365 organizations.

There are a couple of ways to get the Experience insights dashboard page:

  • If you’re a member of the Global admin or Global reader roles, when you log in to the Microsoft 365 admin center, you’ll see a one-time prompt to go to the Experience insights (preview) dashboard. You can access it at any time by selecting Experience insights (preview) from the admin home page.

  • If you’re a member of the Reports reader role or the User Experience success manager roles, once you sign into the admin center, you’ll automatically go to the Experience insights (preview) dashboard page. You can switch back to the admin center Dashboard view by selecting that option in the top right.

    Screenshot: How to get to the insights dashboard

For more information, check out Microsoft 365 Experience insights dashboard.

December 2022

Advanced deployment guides for Microsoft 365

To help you easily find guides for the services you’re deploying, we’ve updated the search tools, recommendations, and layouts for the Advanced deployment guides & assistance page in the Microsoft 365 admin center and at setup.microsoft.com.

In this update, you can now:

  • Save valuable time by exporting your progress in Excel and share your progress as needed
  • View the most important actions front and center in the Suggested guides section
  • Use tags to notify you when a new or updated guide has been released since your last visit to the page

Advanced deployment guides page in the Microsoft 365 admin center

To get to Advanced deployment guides, sign in the Microsoft 365 admin center and go to Setup > Advanced deployment guides & assistance.

You can now find all the same guides from the Microsoft 365 admin center on setup.microsoft.com. Key updates to this site include: 

  • Expanded searchability to quickly find guides
  • Better page organization to help you navigate to the right view
  • Addition of all guides previously only available in the Microsoft 365 admin center (early 2023)

We’ve also released a new advanced deployment guide for setting up your Microsoft Zero Trust security model and are planning the release of a new guide for Windows 365 Cloud PC configuration in early 2023.

To learn more, see Simplify deployment of Microsoft 365 with new and updated deployment guides.

November 2022

Sentiment per Topic available in the NPS survey insights dashboard

To empower IT Admins like you, the Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey insights dashboard released the new Sentiment per Topic feature under the sentiment section.

With this new feature, you will be able to identify the sentiment that is associated with each topic available. The sentiment is calculated for each NPS feedback comment and tied to a specific topic. With this new addition, you can discover what trending topics your users are talking about and understand the feeling they're experiencing regarding that specific topic.

With the new sentiment per topic feature on the NPS survey insights dashboard, you will be able to:

  • Identify the sentiment for each topic
  • Choose between three sentiments: Positive, Negative, Other

Here are the topics available:

  • Change Management
  • Collaboration
  • Complexity
  • Navigation
  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • User Education
  • Value

To access the sentiment per topic insights, sign in to the M365 Admin Center and go to Health > Product feedback > NPS survey insights tab.

Screenshot: Sentiment per topic feature in the NPS survey insights dashboard

For questions or feedback related to NPS survey insights, contact us at Prosight@microsoft.com.

August 2022

Date filter in the Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey insights dashboard

Based on your feedback, we are introducing a new function in the NPS survey insights dashboard that allows Admins like you to filter the Net Promoter Score (NPS) data and insights per date, so that you can access details based on your date range preference.

With this change, you will be able to look at the NPS survey insights based on the following date ranges:

  • Past 30 days
  • Past 90 days
  • Past 180 days

To access, go to Health > Product feedback > NPS survey insights tab.

Screenshot: Date filter in the NPS survey insights dashboard

Learn more about NPS survey insights.

For questions or feedback related to NPS survey insights, contact us at Prosight@microsoft.com.

July 2022

Multi-tenant billing relationships

You can now create multi-tenant billing relationships with other tenants. A multi-tenant billing relationship lets you securely share your organization's billing account with other tenants, while maintaining control over your billing data.

This feature is available to organizational account customers with a Microsoft Customer Agreement.

For more information, see Manage billing across multiple tenants in the Microsoft 365 admin center.

May 2022

Role based access controls (RBAC)

There are four new roles in the Microsoft 365 admin center for management of custom security attributes. These roles are available for everyone to use in the Microsoft 365 admin center under Roles.

  • Attribute Assignment Administrator Assign custom security attribute keys and values to supported Azure AD objects.

  • Attribute Assignment Reader Reads custom security attribute keys and values for supported Azure AD objects.

  • Attribute Definition Administrator Define and manage the definition of custom security attributes.

  • Attribute Definition Reader Reads the definition of custom security attributes.

There's also a new role that allows you to give admins only the access they need to manage Virtual Visits.

  • Virtual Visits Administrator Manage and share Virtual Visits information and metrics from admin centers or the Virtual Visits app.

For more information about these roles, see Azure AD built-in roles.

Quick Assist

We've moved Quick Assist to the Windows Store to enhance the performance and security of the app. The Windows Quick Assist app allows you and your end-users to receive or provide PC assistance over a remote connection.

With the new Quick Assist Store app, you should see a significant improvement in passcode generation times and a reduction in application errors.

For more information, see Solve PC problems over a remote connection and Install Quick Assist

April 2022

NPS Sentiment Insights

NPS survey insights is an AI-driven dashboard available in the Microsoft 365 admin center.

In the admin center, go to Health > Product feedback > NPS survey insights.

This feature helps admins like you obtain actionable insights derived from Microsoft NPS surveys your users have responded to. Learn more at Microsoft product NPS feedback and insights for your organization.

Based on your feedback, we're introducing a new feature that identifies the sentiment for each NPS verbatim feedback, so that you can learn what your users are feeling regarding Microsoft 365 products. Sentiment labels such as Positive, Negative and Other are assigned to the NPS verbatim feedback.

Screenshot: Product feedback dashboard on the NPS surveys insights tab

With the sentiment feature on the NPS survey insights dashboard you'll be able to:

  • Visualize sentiment trend for the last 12 months based on the NPS verbatim feedback.

  • Identify the sentiment per app and platform.

Three sentiments are available:

Screenshot: Sentiment examples and descriptions. The sentiments available are positive, negative, and other. Each sentiment includes a description and an example. The description of positive is comments that contain satisfactory emotions or experiences. The example is I love how Word lets me check my grammar while drafting my documents.

To provide you with a better experience using the NPS survey insight dashboard, we suggest checking the following items:


If you're an enterprise customer and you're interested in joining our design sessions, send us an email at: prosight@microsoft.com

You can now view all search results in a separate browser page by searching in global search and selecting Enter.

With our new separate page of search results, you can explore a more comprehensive list of results and easily return to the browser page for a more efficient search experience.

Screenshot: New Microsoft 365 admin center browser search page showing sections All, Navigation, Actions, Settings, Roles, and Documentation.

Search in distribution lists to add Priority Accounts

Previously, you could only tag priority accounts by searching for them using the person's name, e-mail address or job title. With this update, you can now search for people to add to priority accounts in a distribution list. This allows you to bulk add people in an efficient way and reduces the time needed to tag individual people in your organization.

This screenshot shows the interface in which users can search for priority accounts to add using a distribution list.

  • You can tag up to 50 users from a distribution list as priority accounts in a single action.

  • Additional information about the user like department and job title has been introduced on the Priority Accounts page.

  • You can only tag user accounts within distribution lists, and not the list itself. Users who have already been tagged won’t show up in your distribution list search.