Cloud services roadmap for Microsoft 365

To get the creativity, teamwork, and productivity benefits of Microsoft 365 for enterprise, deploy the cloud services that best fit your organization's needs.

If you have existing server-based deployments for Exchange, SharePoint, or Skype for Business and want to migrate your entire organization to Microsoft 365 for enterprise, see the client and server software roadmap. This roadmap includes Microsoft Office client products, on-premises Office Server products, and Microsoft Windows-based devices.


To deploy your cloud services:


To manage your cloud services:

How Microsoft does cloud services for Microsoft 365

For information about how Microsoft IT has deployed or is managing Microsoft 365 cloud services:

  1. Go to Microsoft IT Showcase.
  2. Select Search content.
  3. Under Refine results, select IT Pro under Audience, and then under Product, select a cloud service.

Next step

Start your cloud services implementation. For guidance, see Configure Microsoft 365 Enterprise services and applications.