sla EntityType

Contains information about the tracked service-level KPIs for cases that belong to different customers.

Entity Set Path
[organization URI]/api/data/v9.0/slas
Base Type
Display Name
Primary Key
Primary Key Attribute
Operations Supported


Properties represent fields of data stored in the entity.Some properties are read-only.

Name Type Details
allowpauseresume Edm.Boolean

Select whether this SLA will allow pausing and resuming during the time calculation.

Display Name: Allow Pause and Resume

Default Options
Value Label
1 Allow
0 Do Not Allow
applicablefrom Edm.String

Select the field that specifies the date and time from which the SLA items will be calculated for the case record. For example, if you select the Case Created On field, SLA calculation will begin from the time the case is created.

Display Name: Applicable From

applicablefrompicklist Edm.Int32

Select the field that specifies the date and time from which the SLA items will be calculated. For example, if you select the Case Created On field, SLA calculation will begin from the time the case is created.

Display Name: Applicable From

Default Options
Value Label
1 No
2 Yes
changedattributelist Edm.String

Type additional information to describe the SLA

Display Name: ChangedAttributeList

componentstate Edm.Int32

For internal use only.

Display Name: Component State

Read Only
Default Options
Value Label
0 Published
1 Unpublished
2 Deleted
3 Deleted Unpublished
createdon Edm.DateTimeOffset

Shows the date and time when the record was created. The date and time are displayed in the time zone selected in Microsoft Dynamics 365 options.

Display Name: Created On

Read Only
description Edm.String

Type additional information to describe the SLA

Display Name: Description

exchangerate Edm.Decimal

Exchange rate between the currency associated with the SLA record and the base currency.

Display Name: Exchange Rate

Read Only
isdefault Edm.Boolean

Tells whether this SLA is the default one.

Display Name: Is Default

Default Options
Value Label
1 Yes
0 No
ismanaged Edm.Boolean

For internal use only.

Display Name: Is Managed

Read Only
Default Options
Value Label
1 Managed
0 Unmanaged
modifiedon Edm.DateTimeOffset

Shows the date and time when the record was last updated. The date and time are displayed in the time zone selected in Microsoft Dynamics 365 options.

Display Name: Modified On

Read Only
name Edm.String

Type a descriptive name of the service level agreement (SLA).

Display Name: Name

objecttypecode Edm.Int32

Choose the entity type that the SLA is defined.

Display Name: Object Type Code

Read Only
Default Options
Value Label
7101 Publisher
7102 Publisher Address
2002 Quarterly Fiscal Calendar
10024 ProvisionLanguageForUser
4724 Process Stage
10062 ProcessStageParameter
4712 Process Trigger
1189 Document Suggestions
4250 Recurrence Rule
4251 Recurring Appointment
2024 QueueMemberCount
2020 Queue
2029 Queue Item
2023 QueueItemCount
8006 Like
8002 Post Regarding
8001 Post Role
8003 Follow
50 Position
8000 Post
8005 Comment
31 Privilege Object Type Code
103 Privileges Removal Setting
4710 Process Session
1023 Privilege
61 PrincipalEntityBusinessUnitMap
44 Field Sharing
1404 Principal Sync Attribute Map
9813 Relationship Entity
1036 Security Role
1037 Role Template
9604 Rollup Field
1113 Ribbon Tab To Command Mapping
1130 Ribbon Difference
9880 Ribbon Metadata To Process
1117 Ribbon Rule
7200 RuntimeDependency
1309 Saved Organization Insights Configuration
1039 View
8199 Rule Item
9511 Rollup Job
9510 Rollup Properties
8181 Routing Rule Set
9100 Report
9102 Report Related Category
9101 Report Related Entity
1140 Replication Backlog
9814 Relationship Attribute
4500 Relationship Role
4501 Relationship Role Map
1116 Ribbon Command
1115 Ribbon Context Group
1120 Application Ribbons
4579 Ribbon Client Metadata.
9104 Report Link
9103 Report Visibility
10043 RevokeInheritedAccessRecordsTracker
4603 Plug-in Type Statistic
10013 Solution Component Summary
10145 Solution Health Rule
10146 Solution Health Rule Argument
10015 Solution Component Data Source
10095 SLA KPI
10016 Solution Component Count Data Source
10014 Solution Component Count Summary
10081 BotContent
10113 Ms Graph Resource To Subscription
9910 MultiEntitySearch
10080 Tour
10147 Solution Health Rule Set
10004 Solution History
10005 Solution History Data Source
10102 Knowledge Search Insight
10122 NonRelational Data Source
10057 OData v4 Data Source
10108 Knowledge search filter
10101 Knowledge Interaction Insight
10096 Knowledge Management Setting
10107 Knowledge search personal filter config
10140 PM Template
10133 Rich Text Attachment
10094 Service Configuration
10139 PM Recording
10136 PM Analysis History
10137 PM Inferred Task
10138 PM Process User Settings
9912 Multi Select Option Value
10008 Package
1095 Partner Application
10091 PDF Setting
4420 Owner Mapping
9699 Organization Insights Metric
9690 Organization Insights Notification
7 Owner
10110 Plugin Package
4619 Plug-in Trace Log
4602 Plug-in Type
4605 Plug-in Assembly
9941 Personal Document Template
4210 Phone Call
4418 List Value Mapping
9950 Office Graph Document
9870 Offline Command Definition
9809 OptionSet
4490 Office Document
9900 Navigation Setting
950 New Process
4110 Notification
10049 Organization Setting
4708 Organization Statistic
1021 Organization UI
10119 OrganizationDataSyncSubscriptionEntity
1019 Organization
10120 OrganizationDataSyncState
10118 OrganizationDataSyncSubscription
2010 Email Template
2013 Territory
9945 Text Analytics Entity Mapping
92 Team template
10116 TeamMobileOfflineProfileMembership
1203 Team Profiles
1403 Team Sync-Attribute Mapping Profiles
4811 Time Zone Rule
8051 Trace Association
8050 Trace
4812 Time Zone Localized Name
2015 Theme
9932 Time Stamp Date Mapping
4810 Time Zone Definition
9869 Sync Error
7000 System Application Metadata
1030 System Form
1400 Sync Attribute Mapping Profile
10036 Synapse Link Profile Entity State
10037 Synapse Link Schedule
1401 Sync Attribute Mapping
14 System User Principal
4212 Task
9 Team
51 System User Manager Map
8 User
60 SystemUserAuthorizationChangeTracker
42 SystemUser BusinessUnit Entity Map
8052 Trace Regarding
10114 Virtual Entity Metadata
9333 Web Resource
4800 Web Wizard
150 User Settings
1112 User Chart
10124 User Rating
52 User Search Facet
4704 Process Dependency
4706 Process Log
4702 Workflow Wait Subscription
10063 Workflow Binary
4803 Web Wizard Access Privilege
4802 Wizard Page
4703 Process
2012 Unresolved Address
4220 UntrackedEmail
7001 User Application Metadata
951 Translation Process
9105 Currency
4426 Transformation Mapping
4427 Transformation Parameter Mapping
2016 User Mapping
10117 UserMobileOfflineProfileMembership
4230 Saved View
1031 User Dashboard
2501 User Entity Instance Data
2500 User Entity UI Settings
1086 User Fiscal Calendar
10035 Synapse Link Profile Entity
10025 Shared Object
10026 Shared Workspace
9509 SharePoint Data
10040 Shared Link Setting
101 Service Plan
10052 Service Plan Mapping
10050 Setting Definition
4709 Site Map
9750 SLA
9751 SLA Item
9951 Similarity Rule
9507 Sharepoint Document
9508 Document Location
9502 SharePoint Site
4608 Sdk Message Processing Step
4615 Sdk Message Processing Step Image
4616 Sdk Message Processing Step Secure Configuration
4613 Sdk Message Pair
1111 System Chart
4606 Sdk Message
4607 Sdk Message Filter
10135 Search Telemetry
2001 Semiannual Fiscal Calendar
4618 Service Endpoint
4611 Sdk Message Response Field
4609 Sdk Message Request
4614 Sdk Message Request Field
4610 Sdk Message Response
9752 SLA KPI Instance
45 Subscription Statistic Offline
46 Subscription Statistic Outlook
47 Subscription Sync Entry Offline
37 Subscription Manually Tracked Object
129 Subject
29 Subscription
1072 Subscription Clients
10032 Synapse Database
10033 Synapse Link External Table State
10034 Synapse Link Profile
1190 SuggestionCardTemplate
48 Subscription Sync Entry Outlook
33 Subscription Synchronization Information
35 Tracking information for deleted entities
7103 Solution Component
10000 Solution Component Attribute Configuration
10001 Solution Component Batch Configuration
7100 Solution
4216 Social Activity
1300 SocialInsightsConfiguration
99 Social Profile
10010 StageSolutionUpload
1075 Status Map
1043 String Map
9890 SolutionHistoryData
10002 Solution Component Configuration
7104 Solution Component Definition
10003 Solution Component Relationship Configuration
10106 Knowledge Article Template
3233 Connection Role Object Type Code
372 Connector
2 Contact
3231 Connection Role
3234 Connection
10065 Connection Instance
10064 Connection Reference
10022 Custom API Request Parameter
10023 Custom API Response Property
9753 Custom Control
10021 Custom API
10082 ConversationTranscript
9300 Record Creation and Update Rule
9301 Record Creation and Update Rule Item
3005 Channel Access Profile
9400 Channel Access Profile Rule
9401 Channel Access Profile Rule Item
9959 Category
10042 CascadeGrantRevokeAccessVersionTracker
10018 Catalog
10019 Catalog Assignment
4417 Column Mapping
10090 Comment
9650 Process Configuration
36 Client update
1236 Channel Property
1234 Channel Property Group
10093 Teams chat
9755 Custom Control Default Config
4414 Duplicate Detection Rule
4416 Duplicate Rule Condition
4202 Email
4415 Duplicate Record
4101 Display String Map
126 Indexed Article
9940 Document Template
9800 Entity
430 Entity Analytics Config
78 Virtual Entity Data Provider
9997 Email Signature
4023 Email Hash
4299 Email Search
9605 Email Server Profile
10028 Data Lake Folder Permission
10029 Data Lake Workspace
10030 Data Lake Workspace Permission
10027 Data Lake Folder
9754 Custom Control Resource
1071 Address
4502 Customer Relationship
7108 Dependency Feature
7106 Dependency Node
4102 Display String
7105 Dependency
4450 Data Performance Dashboard
10031 Data Processing configuration
9961 DelveActionHub
10041 CascadeGrantRevokeAccessRecordsTracker
9011 App Config Master
10044 Model-Driven App Element
4707 Application File
9013 App Configuration Instance
10128 App Action Migration
10129 App Action Rule
9012 App Configuration
10046 Model-Driven App Component Node
8700 AppModule Metadata
8701 AppModule Metadata Dependency
10045 Model-Driven App Component Node's Edge
10054 ApplicationUser
9006 Model-driven App
9007 App Module Component
9973 Action Card User Settings
9968 ActionCardUserState
10092 Activity File Attachment
9962 Action Card
10017 AAD User
1 Account
8040 ACIViewMapper
5 Note
2000 Annual Fiscal Calendar
10127 App Action
9949 Advanced Similarity Rule
1001 Attachment
135 Activity Party
4200 Activity
8702 AppModule Metadata Async Operation
4725 Business Process Flow Instance
10 Business Unit
6 Business Unit Map
4232 Business Data Localized Label
10084 Chatbot subcomponent
4425 Bulk Delete Failure
4424 Bulk Delete Operation
300 Canvas App
10051 CanvasApp Extended Metadata
9983 Action Card Type
301 Callback Registration
132 Announcement
4003 Calendar
4004 Calendar Rule
10048 Model-Driven App User Setting
4700 System Job
1002 Attachment
10047 Model-Driven App Setting
9009 App Module Roles
10123 Notification
4201 Appointment
1094 Authorization Server
9936 Azure Service Connection
10083 Chatbot
4567 Auditing
9808 Attribute
431 Image Attribute Configuration
4601 Attribute Map
10115 MobileOfflineProfileItemFilter
2003 Monthly Fiscal Calendar
10073 AI Builder Dataset
9868 Mobile Offline Profile Item Association
9603 Goal Metric
9866 Mobile Offline Profile
9867 Mobile Offline Profile Item
10077 AI Builder File
10078 AI Builder File Attached Data
402 AI Configuration
10066 AI Builder Feedback Loop
10074 AI Builder Dataset File
10075 AI Builder Dataset Record
10076 AI Builder Datasets Container
9201 LocalConfigStore
4419 Lookup Mapping
9606 Mailbox
2027 License
9957 Language
9875 Language Provisioning State
4207 Letter
10112 Managed Identity
9812 Managed Property
4231 Metadata Difference
9106 Mail Merge Template
9607 Mailbox Statistics
9609 Mailbox Tracking Category
9608 Mailbox Auto Tracking Folder
10067 AI Form Processing Document
10039 EntityRefreshHistory
10097 Knowledge Federated Article
10098 Knowledge Federated Article Incident
10132 Entity link chat configuration
418 Dataflow
10038 DataflowRefreshHistory
10125 Insights Store Data Source
10099 Search provider
10105 Knowledge personalization
10100 Knowledge Article Image
10104 Knowledge Article Attachment
10079 Help Page
10126 Insights Store Virtual Entity
10103 Knowledge article language setting
10071 AI Object Detection Image Mapping
400 AI Template
10141 Analysis Component
10070 AI Object Detection Bounding Box
401 AI Model
10068 AI Object Detection Image
10069 AI Object Detection Label
10006 Component Layer
10007 Component Layer Data Source
10134 Custom Control Extended Setting
10121 App Insights Metadata
10142 Analysis Job
10143 Analysis Result
10144 Analysis Result Detail
9947 Knowledge Search Model
1200 Field Security Profile
55 FileAttachment
30 Filter Template
1201 Field Permission
4204 Fax
10012 FeatureControlSetting
9958 Feedback
10061 Flow Machine Image Version
4720 Flow Session
54 Global Search Configuration
10060 Flow Machine Image
2004 Fixed Monthly Fiscal Calendar
10058 Flow Machine
10059 Flow Machine Group
4600 Entity Map
9811 Entity Relationship
380 Environment Variable Definition
9810 Entity Key
85 Virtual Entity Data Source
432 Entity Image Configuration
9815 Entity Index
10011 ExportSolutionUpload
3008 External Party
9987 External Party Item
955 Expired Process
381 Environment Variable Value
4120 Exchange Sync Id Mapping
4711 Expander Event
9600 Goal
7107 Invalid Dependency
4705 ISV Config
127 Article
4011 Inter Process Lock
9986 Interaction for Email
1003 Internal Address
10020 Internal Catalog Assignment
9960 Knowledge Article Category
9955 Knowledge Article Views
9930 Knowledge Base Record
9953 Knowledge Article
1082 Article Comment
1016 Article Template
10111 Key Vault Reference
1007 Image Descriptor
4410 Data Import
4413 Import Data
9996 HolidayWrapper
9602 Rollup Query
8840 Hierarchy Rule
9919 Hierarchy Security Configuration
4411 Data Map
9816 Index Attribute
3000 Integration Status
4423 Import Log
4428 Import Entity Mapping
4412 Import Source File
9107 Import Job
overwritetime Edm.DateTimeOffset

For internal use only.

Display Name: Record Overwrite Time

Read Only
primaryentityotc Edm.Int32

Shows the primary entity that the SLA has been created for.

Display Name: Primary Entity

slaid Edm.Guid

Unique identifier of the SLA.

Display Name: SLA

slaidunique Edm.Guid

For internal use only.

Display Name: Unique Id

Read Only
slatype Edm.Int32

Select the type of service level agreement (SLA).

Display Name: SLA Type

Default Options
Value Label
0 Standard
1 Enhanced
slaversion Edm.Int32

Display Name: Record version

Default Options
Value Label
100000000 Version WC
100000001 Version UC
solutionid Edm.Guid

Unique identifier of the associated solution.

Display Name: Solution

Read Only
statecode Edm.Int32

Shows whether the Service Level Agreement (SLA) is active or inactive.

Display Name: Status

Default Options
Value Label
0 Draft
1 Active
statuscode Edm.Int32

Select the status of the service level agreement (SLA).

Display Name: Status Reason

Default Options
Value Label
1 Draft
2 Active
versionnumber Edm.Int64

Version number of the SLA.

Display Name: Version Number

Read Only

Lookup Properties

Lookup properties are read-only, computed properties which contain entity primary key Edm.Guid data for one or more corresponding single-valued navigation properties. More information: Lookup properties and Retrieve data about lookup properties.

Name Single-valued navigation property Description
_businesshoursid_value businesshoursid

Choose the business hours for calculating SLA item timelines.

_createdby_value createdby

Shows who created the record.

_createdonbehalfby_value createdonbehalfby

Shows who created the record on behalf of another user.

_modifiedby_value modifiedby

Shows who last updated the record.

_modifiedonbehalfby_value modifiedonbehalfby

Shows who created the record on behalf of another user.

_ownerid_value ownerid

Enter the user or team who owns the SLA. This field is updated every time the item is assigned to a different user.

_owningbusinessunit_value owningbusinessunit

Unique identifier for the business unit that owns the record

_owningteam_value owningteam

Unique identifier for the team that owns the record.

_owninguser_value owninguser

Unique identifier for the user that owns the record.

_transactioncurrencyid_value transactioncurrencyid

Unique identifier of the currency associated with the SLA record.

_workflowid_value workflowid

Workflow associated with the SLA.

Single-valued navigation properties

Single-valued navigation properties represent lookup fields where a single entity can be referenced. Each single-valued navigation property has a corresponding partner collection-valued navigation property on the related entity.

Name Type Partner
businesshoursid calendar slabase_businesshoursid
createdby systemuser lk_slabase_createdby
createdonbehalfby systemuser lk_slabase_createdonbehalfby
modifiedby systemuser lk_slabase_modifiedby
modifiedonbehalfby systemuser lk_slabase_modifiedonbehalfby
ownerid principal owner_slas
owningbusinessunit businessunit business_unit_slabase
owningteam team team_slaBase
owninguser systemuser user_slabase
transactioncurrencyid transactioncurrency TransactionCurrency_SLA
workflowid workflow slabase_workflowid

Collection-valued navigation properties

Collection-valued navigation properties represent collections of entities which may represent either a one-to-many (1:N) or many-to-many (N:N) relationship between the entities.

Name Type Partner
chat_sla_slaid chat sla_activitypointer_sla_chat
chat_sla_slainvokedid chat slainvokedid_activitypointer_sla_chat
manualsla_account account sla_account_sla
manualsla_activitypointer activitypointer sla_activitypointer_sla
manualsla_appointment appointment sla_appointment_sla
manualsla_contact contact sla_contact_sla
manualsla_email email sla_email_sla
manualsla_fax fax sla_fax_sla
manualsla_letter letter sla_letter_sla
manualsla_phonecall phonecall sla_phonecall_sla
manualsla_socialactivity socialactivity sla_socialactivity_sla
manualsla_task task sla_task_sla
sla_account account slainvokedid_account_sla
sla_activitypointer activitypointer slainvokedid_activitypointer_sla
sla_Annotation annotation objectid_sla
sla_appointment appointment slainvokedid_appointment_sla
sla_contact contact slainvokedid_contact_sla
sla_email email slainvokedid_email_sla
sla_fax fax slainvokedid_fax_sla
sla_letter letter slainvokedid_letter_sla
sla_phonecall phonecall slainvokedid_phonecall_sla
sla_slaitem_slaId slaitem slaid
sla_socialactivity socialactivity slainvokedid_socialactivity_sla
SLA_SyncErrors syncerror regardingobjectid_sla_syncerror
sla_task task slainvokedid_task_sla
slabase_AsyncOperations asyncoperation regardingobjectid_sla
slabase_BulkDeleteFailures bulkdeletefailure regardingobjectid_sla
slabase_ProcessSessions processsession regardingobjectid_sla


The following operations can be used with the sla entity type.

Name Binding
GrantAccess Not Bound
ModifyAccess Not Bound
RetrievePrincipalAccess Not Bound
RetrieveSharedPrincipalsAndAccess Not Bound
RevokeAccess Not Bound


The following solutions include the sla entity type.

Name Description
Service Level Agreement (SLA) Dynamics 365 workload for service level agreements.
Service Level Agreement (SLA) Extension Extension solution for Dynamics 365 workload for service level agreements.
System Solution Internal CRM System Solution

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