solutioncomponent EntityType

A component of a CRM solution.

Entity Set Path
[organization URI]/api/data/v9.2/solutioncomponents
Base Type
Display Name
Solution Component
Primary Key
Operations Supported


Properties represent fields of data stored in the entity.Some properties are read-only.

Name Type Details
componenttype Edm.Int32

The object type code of the component.

Display Name: Object Type Code

Read Only
Default Options
Values Label
1 Entity
2 Attribute
3 Relationship
4 Attribute Picklist Value
5 Attribute Lookup Value
6 View Attribute
7 Localized Label
8 Relationship Extra Condition
9 Option Set
10 Entity Relationship
11 Entity Relationship Role
12 Entity Relationship Relationships
13 Managed Property
14 Entity Key
16 Privilege
17 PrivilegeObjectTypeCode
20 Role
21 Role Privilege
22 Display String
23 Display String Map
24 Form
25 Organization
26 Saved Query
29 Workflow
31 Report
32 Report Entity
33 Report Category
34 Report Visibility
35 Attachment
36 Email Template
37 Contract Template
38 KB Article Template
39 Mail Merge Template
44 Duplicate Rule
45 Duplicate Rule Condition
46 Entity Map
47 Attribute Map
48 Ribbon Command
49 Ribbon Context Group
50 Ribbon Customization
52 Ribbon Rule
53 Ribbon Tab To Command Map
55 Ribbon Diff
59 Saved Query Visualization
60 System Form
61 Web Resource
62 Site Map
63 Connection Role
64 Complex Control
70 Field Security Profile
71 Field Permission
90 Plugin Type
91 Plugin Assembly
92 SDK Message Processing Step
93 SDK Message Processing Step Image
95 Service Endpoint
150 Routing Rule
151 Routing Rule Item
152 SLA
153 SLA Item
154 Convert Rule
155 Convert Rule Item
65 Hierarchy Rule
161 Mobile Offline Profile
162 Mobile Offline Profile Item
165 Similarity Rule
66 Custom Control
68 Custom Control Default Config
166 Data Source Mapping
201 SDKMessage
202 SDKMessageFilter
203 SdkMessagePair
204 SdkMessageRequest
205 SdkMessageRequestField
206 SdkMessageResponse
207 SdkMessageResponseField
210 WebWizard
18 Index
208 Import Map
300 Canvas App
371 Connector
372 Connector
380 Environment Variable Definition
381 Environment Variable Value
400 AI Project Type
401 AI Project
402 AI Configuration
430 Entity Analytics Configuration
431 Attribute Image Configuration
432 Entity Image Configuration
createdon Edm.DateTimeOffset

Date and time when the solution was created.

Display Name: Created On

Read Only
ismetadata Edm.Boolean

Indicates whether this component is metadata or data.

Display Name: Is this component metadata

Read Only
Default Options
Values Label
1 Metadata
0 Data
modifiedon Edm.DateTimeOffset

Date and time when the solution was last modified.

Display Name: Modified On

Read Only
objectid Edm.Guid

Unique identifier of the object with which the component is associated.

Display Name: Regarding

Read Only
rootcomponentbehavior Edm.Int32

Indicates the include behavior of the root component.

Display Name: Root Component Behavior

Read Only
Default Options
Values Label
0 Include Subcomponents
1 Do not include subcomponents
2 Include As Shell Only
rootsolutioncomponentid Edm.Guid

The parent ID of the subcomponent, which will be a root

Display Name: Root Solution Component ID

Read Only
solutioncomponentid Edm.Guid

Unique identifier of the solution component.

Display Name: Solution Component Identifier

Read Only
versionnumber Edm.Int64
Read Only

Lookup Properties

Lookup properties are read-only, computed properties which contain entity primary key Edm.Guid data for one or more corresponding single-valued navigation properties. More information: Lookup properties and Lookup property data.

Name Single-valued navigation property Description
_createdonbehalfby_value createdonbehalfby

Unique identifier of the delegate user who created the solution.

_modifiedonbehalfby_value modifiedonbehalfby

Unique identifier of the delegate user who modified the solution.

_solutionid_value solutionid

Unique identifier of the solution.

Single-valued navigation properties

Single-valued navigation properties represent lookup fields where a single entity can be referenced. Each single-valued navigation property has a corresponding partner collection-valued navigation property on the related entity.

Name Type Partner
createdonbehalfby systemuser lk_solutioncomponentbase_createdonbehalfby
modifiedonbehalfby systemuser lk_solutioncomponentbase_modifiedonbehalfby
rootsolutioncomponentid_solutioncomponent solutioncomponent solutioncomponent_parent_solutioncomponent
solutionid solution solution_solutioncomponent

Collection-valued navigation properties

Collection-valued navigation properties represent collections of entities which may represent either a one-to-many (1:N) or many-to-many (N:N) relationship between the entities.

Name Type Partner
solutioncomponent_parent_solutioncomponent solutioncomponent rootsolutioncomponentid_solutioncomponent


The following operations can be used with the solutioncomponent entity type.

Name Binding
AddSolutionComponent Not Bound
IsComponentCustomizable Not Bound
RemoveSolutionComponent Not Bound
UpdateSolutionComponent Not Bound

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