userquery EntityType

Saved database query that is owned by a user.

Entity Set Path
[organization URI]/api/data/v9.2/userqueries
Base Type
Display Name
Saved View
Primary Key
Primary Key Attribute
Operations Supported


Properties represent fields of data stored in the entity.Some properties are read-only.

Name Type Details
advancedgroupby Edm.String

Type the column name that will be used to group the results from the data collected across multiple records from a user view.

Display Name: Advanced Group By

columnsetxml Edm.String

Shows the columns and sorting criteria for the saved view, stored in XML format.

Display Name: Column Set XML

conditionalformatting Edm.String

Type information about how the items in the user view are formatted.

Display Name: User Group By

createdon Edm.DateTimeOffset

Shows the date and time when the record was created. The date and time are displayed in the time zone selected in Microsoft Dynamics 365 options.

Display Name: Created On

Read Only
description Edm.String

Type additional information to describe the saved view, such as the filter criteria or intended results set.

Display Name: Description

fetchxml Edm.String

Contains the Fetch XML query that defines the entities and attributes included in the saved view.

Display Name: Fetch XML

layoutjson Edm.String

Layout data in JSON format.

Display Name: Layout data in JSON format.

layoutxml Edm.String

For internal use only.

Display Name: Layout XML

modifiedon Edm.DateTimeOffset

Shows the date and time when the record was last updated. The date and time are displayed in the time zone selected in Microsoft Dynamics 365 options.

Display Name: Last Modified

Read Only
name Edm.String

Type a descriptive name for the saved view.

Display Name: Name

offlinesqlquery Edm.String

String specifying the corresponding sql query for the fetch xml specified for offline use.

Display Name: Offline SQL Query

querytype Edm.Int32

Shows the code for the query type to indicate whether the saved view is an address book filter, advanced search, or other view.

Display Name: Query Type

returnedtypecode Edm.String

Type of entity that the saved view displays.

Display Name: Returned Type

statecode Edm.Int32

Shows whether the saved view is active or inactive.

Display Name: Status

Default Options
Values Label
0 Active
1 Inactive
statuscode Edm.Int32

Select the item's status.

Display Name: Status Reason

Default Options
Values Label
1 Active
3 All
2 Inactive
userqueryid Edm.Guid

Unique identifier of the saved view.

Display Name: User Query

versionnumber Edm.Int64

Version number of the saved view.

Display Name: Version Number

Read Only

Lookup Properties

Lookup properties are read-only, computed properties which contain entity primary key Edm.Guid data for one or more corresponding single-valued navigation properties. More information: Lookup properties and Lookup property data.

Name Single-valued navigation property Description
_createdby_value createdby

Shows who created the record.

_createdonbehalfby_value createdonbehalfby

Shows who created the record on behalf of another user.

_modifiedby_value modifiedby

Shows who last updated the record.

_modifiedonbehalfby_value modifiedonbehalfby

Shows who last updated the record on behalf of another user.

_ownerid_value ownerid

Enter the user or team who is assigned to manage the record. This field is updated every time the record is assigned to a different user.

_owningbusinessunit_value owningbusinessunit

Shows the business unit that the record owner belongs to.

_owningteam_value owningteam

Unique identifier of the team who owns this saved view.

_owninguser_value owninguser

Unique identifier of the user who owns this saved view.

Single-valued navigation properties

Single-valued navigation properties represent lookup fields where a single entity can be referenced. Each single-valued navigation property has a corresponding partner collection-valued navigation property on the related entity.

Name Type Partner
createdby systemuser lk_userquery_createdby
createdonbehalfby systemuser lk_userquery_createdonbehalfby
modifiedby systemuser lk_userquery_modifiedby
modifiedonbehalfby systemuser lk_userquery_modifiedonbehalfby
ownerid principal owner_userquerys
owningbusinessunit businessunit business_unit_userquery
owningteam team team_userquery
owninguser systemuser user_userquery

Collection-valued navigation properties

Collection-valued navigation properties represent collections of entities which may represent either a one-to-many (1:N) or many-to-many (N:N) relationship between the entities.

Name Type Partner
UserQuery_AsyncOperations asyncoperation regardingobjectid_userquery
UserQuery_BulkDeleteFailures bulkdeletefailure regardingobjectid_userquery
UserQuery_SyncErrors syncerror regardingobjectid_userquery_syncerror


The following operations can be used with the userquery entity type.

Name Binding
GrantAccess Not Bound
ModifyAccess Not Bound
RetrievePrincipalAccess Not Bound
RetrieveSharedPrincipalsAndAccess Not Bound
RevokeAccess Not Bound

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