Embed a canvas app on a model-driven form

Canvas apps enable makers to easily design and create custom layouts using the low-code, WYSIWYG canvas app designer. Canvas apps also enable makers to connect and display data from over 400 data sources.

Embedded canvas apps can help you build better solutions

With embedded canvas apps, makers can bring the power of canvas apps to their model-driven forms. Using embedded canvas apps, it's possible to create rich visual areas on a form and display data from a variety of sources right next to data from Microsoft Dataverse.

Embedded canvas app in a model-driven app form.

Canvas apps are embedded in model-driven forms in the same way other custom controls are added. An embedded canvas app includes rich data integration capabilities that bring in contextual data from the host model-driven form to the embedded canvas app.

Integrate canvas apps using custom pages in the modern app designer

With the modern app designer, canvas apps can be accessed through a model-driven app by using a custom page.

The modern app designer introduced the concept of pages, which can contain either canvas apps or Dataverse components, such as tables or dashboards.

Embed using the modern designer

Select the Canvas app control to add a canvas app to a main form using the form designer. More information: Add an embedded canvas app on a model-driven form

Embed using the classic designer

Add canvas apps from an environment into a model-driven app that can either be contextually aware, or simply render the app within the model-driven experience.
Embed a canvas app using the classic experience.

Sharing embedded canvas apps

After an embedded canvas app has been added to your model-driven form, learn how to share the embedded canvas app with other users. More information: Learn how to share an embedded canvas app.

For guidelines on working with embedded canvas apps as well as helpful tips to troubleshoot any issues, go to: Guidelines on working with embedded canvas apps.

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